Success of Apple falls on the desires of the consumer

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  Hey, did you see the new IPhone 11 Pro?

  With its stunning three new cameras, “cutting-edge” technology and trademark Apple aesthetic, the newest IPhone model is probably the hottest item on the technological market. 

  Nearly a month after its release, the IPhone 11 Pro still manages to attack lines of people at Apple stores. For anyone who has used or has the phone itself, it is no secret that the new model is not exactly as desirable as people always make Apple products out to be. 

  I recently watched a documentary that talked about Steve Jobs and the controversy surrounding whether or not Apple is scamming its customers. Within it, the filmmaker exploited the concept of United States capitalism and considered the question: could there be some secret as to how large corporations are constantly able to generate billions of dollars in revenue from products that offer nothing more than face value and instant gratification?

  Contrary to popular belief, the answer lies with the consumer. Effective marketing operates on the consent of the customer, in that these companies only supply the demand that is created from the customers themselves who adopt the mindset that these products are integral parts of society that highlight one’s coolness factor. 

  Now, this definitely does not mean to say I am exempt from this phenomenon. Like many other people, I also have one of the latest IPhones and a pair of AirPods. 

  The point is that our society and market has become so overly-saturated with a concern for status symbols and the “coolest” material things. Although sad, this is our reality and one that continues to be fueled by adolescents and large-scale businesses. 

  Maybe it is time to think twice about the next time you feel like getting an upgrade. 

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