Stunt season comes to a close

On Apr. 20, cheer faced off against Diamond Bar HS in their final league match, suffering their only loss of the season. 

Although last week’s game began late, the game was full of excitement and featured a great crowd. The cheer team brought lots of energy as well, showing support for their teammates with loud cheering throughout the game. 

Captain Bryanna Manzo (12) explains the amazing progress the team has had throughout the season. 

“The most exciting thing about this year is the constant progress we have had with all the stunts hitting, new skills made and the level of work everyone puts in,” Manzo said.

Manzo serves as one of the team’s main bases, and she has been with the program all four years of high school. She was recently recognized for athlete of the year because of her dedication and athleticism she has constantly displayed throughout her student-athlete career. 

Furthermore, Jasmin Vilchis (12) describes the game and all of the excitement around it. 

“Cheer’s performance was extremely well done,” Vilchis said. “The amount of flips the tumblers had to do was wild, and the teamwork was really showing. They display teamwork like none else.”

With the cheer and stunt season coming to an end, the program is looking for those interested in becoming a new member. The tryout registration is now open and is being held in May. 

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