Students’ thoughts on distance learning

Do you think that we should go back to distance learning now?

Alex Castro (12)

“I think that going back to distance learning might not be the best option. In my opinion, I feel like it is easier to actually focus on things while being in school compared to distance learning.”

Ronald Lu (12)

“I would like school to continue in person. But, I’m impartial because I know safety is a concern, and people are already staying home.”

Janet Zhong (12)

“I think going back to distance learning would be safer especially with the increase of cases. Although some teachers, parents, and even students wouldn’t find it ideal, it definitely would lower the risk for everyone. Schools are highly compacted, and sometimes, I get worried if I see other students not following the mandates or not knowing if they’re vaccinated.”

Bryanna Manzo (11)

“I believe we should not go back to distance learning because although some may feel better learning through a screen, most people learn better in-person. Also, at school, there are no distractions to keep you from learning.”

Alondra Jimenez (11)

I think we shouldn’t go back to distance learning because it can hurt many students’ mental health from the lack of social interaction and the stress of trying to understand the curriculum in an environment where they can hardly concentrate.”

Addyson Pomeroy (11) 

Honestly, no. It’s not a popular opinion, but online learning really doesn’t teach students anything. Students won’t be college and career-ready. [Students] learn better visually and also means fewer distractions and more time to focus on your work [at school].

Bennett Rodriguez (10)

“Yes and no. While I do think it would be safer to go back online, in-person is more appealing, and some people have trouble getting WiFi to work at their homes. Also, online school always hurts my back.”

Ariel Bobadilla (10)

“I think that going back to distance learning might not be the best option. In my opinion,  it is easier to actually focus on things while being in school rather than distance learning.”

Diego Gabriel Figueroa (10)

“I think we should not go back to distance learning. Over social distancing, I have lost interest in school and learning. Our grades got worse. We even asked our teachers, and they said grades have been worse after and during the pandemic, and kids act worse in classrooms.”

Cinthia Meneses (10)

“I do not think we should go back to distance learning. Many students failed classes and were more likely to procrastinate in a comfortable environment such as home. Cheating is also a huge factor in distance learning; it is way easier to cheat or find loopholes in assignments. On top of that, I would miss my friends, and my mental health would not appreciate being in a lockdown again.”

Ella Mak (9)

“Yes because so many people are gone in school from COVID-19, and most of them show no symptoms. It would be much easier to do distance learning to prevent any more people from coming in contact with COVID-19 but still getting the education we need.”

Duy Huynh (9)

“I think we should go back to distance learning now because dozens of students are stuck back home quarantining, and they struggle with the homework and assignments without being at school. After students got out of quarantine, most assignments that were posted when they were quarantined will stack up when they go back, having a hard time finishing their assignments.”

Andrew Ding (9)

“I think we should not because some kids learn better when it is in person compared to distanced because students can cheat over distanced learning”

Skylar Fan-Mason (9)

“I hated [distance learning]. I was a straight-A student in junior high school when distance learning happened, but I had a high tardy and absence rate. Staying at home often resulted in conflict for me.”


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