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Students participate in RWMA spirit week

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 The Royal Wilson Marching Alliance (RWMA) ended its marching season by having a spirit week from Nov. 13th to 17th.

 The spirit week included Pajama Monday, Freshman Shirts Tuesday, Mr. Gilbert Wednesday, Tourist Thursday and Fancy Friday.

 Band director Matthew Gilbert says that spirit week maintained the band’s excitement for a successful school year.

 “[RWMA] was supposed to go to Championships, but unfortunately, we did not qualify,” said Gilbert. [However,] the spirit week kept up the motivation, and was also a good way to relax before Thanksgiving Break.”

  Junior Adi Mendez believes that having a spirit week allowed band to become more well-known around school.

 “The spirit week gave us a chance to be out there, [since] band is not [very popular] around school. My favorite day was Fancy Friday, because many members participate, it’s obvious for others to tell, and we get to show our class.” said Mendez.

 Freshman Jessica Park enjoyed participating in the spirit week, because it allowed her to become closer to her peers.

 “I enjoyed Mr. Gilbert day, because he gets an insight on how he is viewed among us,” said Park. “I felt like [spirit week] was a fun celebration, and I look forward to next year’s spirit week.”

 With marching season over, RWMA will transition into concert band and hold its winter concert on December 11th.  

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