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Students’ lives and opinions on school




Ethan Ngo (12)

Describe Wilson in three words.

“It is diverse, spontaneous and meaningful.”

Do you think cell phone rules are too strict?

“No, I think cell phone rules are fine as they are. Cell phones can distract us from our education, so I believe teachers have the right to take phones away if needed to.”

What advice can you give to the underclassmen?

“Do not be afraid to try out things that you are not sure of; for example, when I was a freshman, I never thought I would be good at dancing, so I did not try out for the dance team until my sophomore year. [Now], I sincerely regret it, because I wish I could say, ‘I was on the dance team for all four years.’”

How does it feel to be a senior?

“It is really cool compared to being a freshman; there are a lot of things that you can do now that you could not before, like having a free period and a senior parking. In addition, I learned about time management and how hard I needed to try in school.”


Naomy Hernandez (11)

How are you prepared to tackle arguably the hardest year of your high school career, junior year?

“For my junior year, I plan to keep up with my studies and homework. School is my number one priority; in order for me to succeed, I have to put my extracurriculars aside.”

What scares you the most this school year?

“Something that scares me the most is working my hardest and not receiving the grade that I want.”

What lunch item do you wish the school would implement?

“I wish the school would implement healthier options, like vegan and protein dense foods.”

Describe your typical school night.

“I go home to eat, then drive to cheer practice. Afterwards, I go home [again] to do my homework and to study, so I can be prepared for the next day.”


Sergio Chang (10)

Would you rather be a basketball or a soccer ball?

“I would rather be a soccer ball, because I want to be everybody’s goal.”

What subject do you believe is the hardest to learn?

Coming from the guy who switched from Math 2 Honors to Math 2, I believe math is the most difficult subject to learn.

What is your favorite subject?

“My favorite subject is drama, because we get to perform outside of our comfort zones.”

Are you in any afterschool programs?

“No, I am not in any afterschool programs because my grades were not up to par last year. My parents did not like it, so I left Music Beats the Heart and Track and Field [this year].”


Angie Contreras (9)

As a freshman, how would you compare high school with middle school?

“It is more challenging, because [it requires] more organizational skills and responsibility.”

What are you most excited for in the school year?

“I am excited to make new friends and to create new opportunities.”

Would you rather be a student, or a teacher, why?

“I would rather be a teacher, because I can help people learn something new everyday.”

If you could add a class, what would it be?

“I wish there would be a public speaking class because it would be nice to speak my mind, since I perform my speeches orally.”

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