Students kickstart school year with Spirit Week

  The third official week of school started last Monday, as Glen A. Wilson’s Associated Student Body (ASB) announced the beginning of  Spirit Week. Spirit Week is an opportunity for the students of Glen A. Wilson to engage in some friendly school spirit with a rival school, Los Altos High School. Students participate by dressing according to daily themes organized by ASB. 

  According to ASB president senior Caroline Gin, she says that the event encourages students to be more prideful in their school. 

“The purpose of Spirit Week is to make the students excited to come to school and have pride in Wilson. It is also fun for students to dress up and feel they are part of a community!” she shares. 

  Moreover, ASB historian junior Trinity Tran gives her thoughts about the difference between last year’s Spirit Week and this week’s participation in comparison to last year. 

  “In comparison to last year, I believe a lot more people are starting to get into the spirit of high school, and I feel like a lot of people have a lot of competitive spirits to win against Los Altos. Since we are coming out of COVID times, being able to come together and create a very fun environment is very important and I think our students are doing a great job at that.” 

 Lastly, ASB member junior Nicole Li also highlights the importance of socializing and getting involved.  

  “Well, the benefit is, for one, you can make new friends! Like matching Monday, you literally pair up with anybody you like and match with them, and it helps boost school spirit and morale. You have a better time if you twin with someone or just participate,  and you know, we try to make it as fun as possible. Also, you are supporting your football team because they are us, they represent us, so it is good that they know that they have the support of the school.” Li says. 

  No matter what event comes next, these events are created by the students, for the students, to add just a bit more fun to the high school experience. Next time an event happens, consider participating and giving it a go! 

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