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Students at risk of losing music privileges


  A chaotic scene broke out at the senior tables on Aug. 25, leading to the possible removal of music privileges on Fridays.

  Last Friday, commotion that arose at the senior tables caused vice principal Robert Hidalgo to break up the commotion amidst boos. The scene caused administration to contemplate removing music during lunch altogether.

  Principal Danielle Kenfield says that multiple factors led to the possibility of eliminating music.

  “I personally do not mind music being played, as long as [it is done in a] tasteful manner and does not foster any disrespectful behaviors.” Kenfield said. “[The main issue] is the trash because [many students] do not keep the campus clean.”

   Every Friday, ASB sets up two speakers near the den and plays student-chosen music throughout the entire lunch break.

  Hidalgo says that music should be played near the senior tables only if the student body cooperates.

  “Right now, [the music] is in a probationary period because [of the] incident last week. [Now], we are trying to make sure that we have [everything set up properly] before we allow music again,” Hidalgo said.

  Senior Emily Romo believes that, with certain improvements, the music could be positive for the school.

  “Although it is a nice [idea] to play music during lunch, [considering how] the students are handling it, I do not think it will be beneficial. It is inappropriate and [very] loud that I can [barely] hear the person across from me talking,” Romo said.

  According to senior Kodi Tang, the music creates an exciting atmosphere and should not be removed.

  “I [enjoy the music a lot], because it is a fun way to spend senior year,” Tang said. “[I would prefer] the music [to remain] because it is an [entertaining] way to end the week at school.”

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