Students Celebrate Last Few Special Moments at Prom


  Associated Student Body (ASB) held this year’s prom, with a theme of “Garden of Glamour,” at Coto Valley Country Club on Apr. 27.

 At prom, some of the activities available included a photo booth, caricature drawing, horse carriage ride and pool tables. Attendees voted for prom king, queen, prince and princess while at prom. Seniors John Dale Ardiosa and Jayla Angulo won prom king and queen, and juniors Gabriel Perez and Anna Camodeca won prom prince and princess, respectively.

 According to prom queen senior Jayla Angulo, prom is significant in more ways than one.

“[Prom] is the last big thing that seniors really do, so it is like our last [few memories together],” Angulo said. “However, prom is only significant if we make it significant. I thought that prom was great, because I got to hang out with people I really care about before we go our separate ways and never see each other again.”

 Furthermore, prom prince junior Gabriel Perez explains why prom is special for him.

 “I got to have a good time with friends [whom] I have not talked to in a while,” Perez said. “Winning prom prince was also an amazing thing for me, because I did not think I was going to win, and I appreciate the people who voted for me a lot.”

 In addition, junior Evelyn Aguilera explains why she will be going to next year’s prom.

 “I am going to prom [next] year because I am going to be a senior and it will be a special moment for me, as it is going to be my last year in high school,” Aguilera said. “It was also fun last year, and [more] of my friends will be there, so it will be [one of] our last moments being all together in high school.”

ASB’s next event is Grad Bash at Universal Studios on May 17.



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