Students Campaign for Future Leadership Positions


 Associated Student Body (ASB) began its student campaign week  on Feb. 19.

 During the campaign, students are not allowed to hand out purchased pins due to the advantage it gives over students who cannot purchase such pins. Instead, students are encouraged to post on social media to display more of their character and personality. Candidates made fliers and posters to advertise their campaign and handed out treats to the student body.

 According to ASB advisor Patricia Branconier-Habash, in her eyes, this year’s candidates have different expectations to meet.

 “This year, I would like to see the campaigners show more of their character, personality traits and leadership skills. In addition, I would be looking more on how they present their speeches,” Habash said. “I always tell the kids to be themselves and to never make promises that they cannot keep. [Candidates] should resemble the [leader] that people want to see, so that when the students vote, they know they are receiving a strong individual.”

 Additionally, Student Class President (SCP) candidate junior Angelica De La Rosa says that her main goal is to make senior year as memorable as possible.

 “I am running for SCP, because I want to be able to make a difference for our class. I have looked forward to senior year for a really long time, and being able to create memories for everyone would be amazing,” De La Rosa said. “From senior movie nights to night rallies to senior spirit weeks, we [need more] spirit and bonding events as a class.”

 Furthermore, ASB president candidate junior Melanie Cruz explains her passion for running for a leadership position.

 “I am motivated by the feeling of putting on an event, whether it be a rally or a dance, and knowing that the student body enjoyed it, [which] means the world to me,” Cruz said. “For the upcoming school year, students [need to have] more opportunities to become involved and have a voice. Additionally, [we need] an atmosphere where everyone is family and [feels] a sense of belongingness.”

 ASB student campaign speeches will be delivered in the amphitheater on Feb. 25 and 26.

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