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Students attend ASB’s first night rally


 Associated Student Body (ASB) hosted its first ever Battle of the Classes (BOTC) Night Rally to cultivate school spirit and student participation on April 24 from 7:30-8:30 pm.

 The neon themed rally featured games such as Tug-a-War, Finish the Lyrics, Centipede and Board Pong, and winners earned spirit points for their respective classes.   

 Furthermore, the event included entertainment from Wilson All Male and Wilson All Female and a Taekwondo performance from senior Benjamin Hung.

 According to ASB President senior Karla Sandoval, the rally allowed students to become more enthusiastic about BOTC.

  “It was important for students to attend the night rally, because it helped them get ready for the day rally. I am excited for [more] night rallies and student involvement,” Sandoval said.

 Furthermore, ASB advisor Patricia Branconier believed the night rally added a new element to BOTC.

 “[ASB] thought a night rally would be a great [opportunity] to create something different [from previous years],” Branconier said. “Since this is our first night rally, we will use this to see how we can improve in the future.”

 The spirit and activities at the rally left freshman Nyah Zhang with a memorable experience.

 “I enjoyed the vibrant  environment where students could see the friendly competition between classes,” Zhang said. “The [rally] was a great chance to show our spirit and give [our class] a sense of comradery.”   

 After the rally, freshmen gained the lead with 4,680 points, followed by sophomores with 4,655 points, juniors with 4645 points and seniors with 4060 points.

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