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Student Site Council hosts first meeting of the year

The Student Site Council (SSC) held its first meeting to discuss school plans for the school year on Sept. 15 at 3:00 P.M

The program, led by the principal Dr. Danielle Kenfield, primarily focuses on developing the Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) in order to reach school goals. The SPSA evaluates the continuous improvement of student performance over the course of the year. During the meeting, an election decided the members’ positions in the program and representatives discussed how to allocate school funding.

According to Dr. Danielle Kenfield, the SSC plays a huge role in sorting out the distribution of Wilson’s funds.

“When the school wishes to spend money, particularly categorical funding [funding from the state or federal government], we must have the approval of the School Site Council,” Kenfield said.

Additionally, representative Simone Yu touched upon the process of the election for the SSC.

“Before joining the meeting, I was a bit nervous since I was going to be encountering [people of] such high positions like Dr. Kenfield and Mr. Sanford. I just told myself to be respectful and calm,” Yu said.

Furthermore, member Bellai Sandoval stated that the SSC holds the voices of the students to a high regard.

“Being on the SSC is [very eye opening] because students are truly able to voice our opinions. This is [extremely] valuable to me, since there are not many opportunities for students to make decisions on topics such as where funding goes,” Sandoval said.

The next meeting for the SSC will be held on Oct. 20.

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