Student Senate provides a platform for students amidst distance learning

Wilson created a new organization named Student Senate in order to provide a way for students to express their thoughts about their distance learning school life.

The Student Senate serves as a bridge between the administration and the students during distance learning. Essentially, the organization allows class elected representatives to voice concerns of the student body; then, the senate members and Dr. Kenfield discuss the issues and create solutions to better the school environment.

According to principal Dr. Kenfield, she believes that the Senate’s influence is dictated by the student body, making it a special group.

“It will be up to the Senate to decide how they want to focus their efforts in the future,” Kenfield said. “[Consequently, this is why] I am appreciative that students stepped up and took on this position and am excited to work with [the senate] to improve their distance learning experience.”

Essentially, senate member senior Ariana Cisneros-Botello feels that being a part of the senate provides a great opportunity for leadership roles and social interaction.

“I volunteered to be in the senate [since] it is a great leadership experience and an effective way of expressing oneself. I really like [the senate system] as it gives the senators more opportunities to interact and cooperate with the students of their class,” Cisneros-Botello said.

In contrast, junior Alex Castro held skepticism toward the senate in its ability to accurately represent the classes.

“However, the representation is based on a popularity vote [thus] the representative might not adequately reflect the needs of all the students in the class, especially when it comes to the ideas or viewpoints the representative does not fully understand,” Castro said.

The first meeting of the student senate will be on Monday, September 14th.

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