Student Senate Met to Talk About School Issues

  Glen A. Wilson High School (GAWHS) Student Senate met on Monday, Oct. 5 to discuss seven various school climate and campus issues that they  felt were most prevalent to the student body. Some of the issues included but are not limited to are food service, mental health, facility cleanliness, and school safety. 

  Dr. Kenfield, GAWHS’s principal, gave insight on how this project all works. “Each senator, through a survey, selected an issue of focus. The focus groups were formed Monday and the students began formulating plans on how to further research the issue. The goal at this stage is to make sure that the focus groups are informed of the perspectives of the entire school community, not just acting on their own beliefs and perceptions.”

  Students Senate had to present on why their topic was important to talk about and resolve, and what the next possible steps are for each individual issue. 

  One of the committees is the School Safety committee where they look at threats that could potentially harm students either physically or mentally. 

  One of the senators that is on this committee is Enya Ong (10). She helps create solutions to making campus life a safer place. 

  She believes that the Student Senate is important because it brings a fresh perspective from the student point of view on things that happened on campus. 

  Ethan De La Cruz (9) joined the student senate to make an impact on the school and gain insight on how our schools operate behind the scenes. He believes the student senate is important because it allows the student body to share genuine thoughts and opinions to be able to make an impact and change. 

  He is a part of the Facility Cleanliness committee to help promote a better learning environment and to help boost the schools reputation while welcoming visitors to a clean campus. 

  He says that, “Students can expect to see a healthier school environment, such as cleaner restrooms, less trash, and more.” 

 Student senate in the past has brought past issues to light through informative videos, posters, and other consumable media, and will be doing the same.

  The Student Senate meets every other week. 

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