Student Oratory Contest gives students an opportunity to hone in on public speaking

Association of California School Administration’s XV (ACSA) is hosting their annual student oratory contest on Mar 10.

The annual contest consists of students performing original speeches in a creative competition in the hopes of a scholarship prize. The theme of this year’s leadership speech surrounds the idea of building bridges, specifically how a leader is supposed to build a path for others to follow.

There may only be one finalist per district charter and two for a multi-district charter for different districts. All oratory selection process events should be completed before Feb 19 and the information of the finalist should be submitted no later than Feb 29.

In the words of teacher Samuel Barone, the competition allows its participants to improve and expand their skills through the assigned theme of the contest.

“[Overall], the contest is a good opportunity for students to engage interesting topics, to build their skills, and to impact the community with convictions they share about the topic assigned.” Barone said.

According to contest participant senior Nyah Zhang, the competition gives students the chance to experience something new.

“For those that are hesitant to speak in front of others, this is definitely a chance to get out of your comfort zone. You learn a lot and Mr. Barone provides good feedback to help you improve. Participants definitely walk out feeling more confident about their public speaking skills,” Zhang said.

For students participating in the contest for the first time, past contest participant alumni Curtis Lee provides some advice to take advantage of this competition.

“To new participants, have fun while you are [competing in the contest] and do not go in with the expectation that you are going to win and do not participate solely for the money,” Lee said. “The contest’s main opportunity is providing a platform for students to speak, which was really important to me at the time.”

The prizes will be awarded during the ACSA Region XV Spring Conference and Awards banquet at the Castaway Restaurant in Burbank in Apr. 29th.


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