Student opinion: What are your opinions on the school dress code?

What are your opinions on the school dress code?

Jakob Pena (12)

“Being honest, I feel like it is there for a reason, but I feel like it is a little too much at times. Last Friday, there was supposed to be a protest against the dress code. I do not know what happened to it. But I noticed that a lot of people were getting dress coded. In my point of view, I was not surprised because if you were going to protest, you would have gotten in trouble. I also joined the protest, wearing a crop top. I wore a crop top the whole day and did not get dress coded. So that was kind of weird. What I was wearing was more revealing than the girls who got dress coded, which was unfair.”

John Kim (12)

“From an objective standpoint, I am very impartial to the dress code since it does not affect the way I dress, and my clothing choice is pretty tame. However, I understand the views of those who dislike our dress code. I do not think that it is right for our administration to define what is “correct” for mainly women to wear at school, but at the same time, I do not have the effort to go and make a difference about the situation since it does not affect me.”

Sophia Ontiveros (12)

“My opinion on the dress code is that it teaches young women that their bodies are the problem rather than men changing their way of thinking. Women’s bodies are not sexual, and the way the dress code is worded so bluntly attacks women for something they cannot control. Rather than enforce the dress code, enforce classes that teach consent and self-control. The era of hypersexualization of teen bodies must end. Moreover, if teachers find themselves distracted by exposed skin, then perhaps they are the problem rather than the student.”

Kiani Jimenez (12)

“School dress codes, which are typically pushed onto girls, teach them to be ashamed of their bodies. One main reason behind the dress code is to promote a learning environment where no one is distracted or made uncomfortable by clothing. However, to argue this behind the truth is to agree that it is a woman’s fault that others cannot control themselves; that women should be punished for feeling comfortable in their own skin. Enforcing these arbitrary rules promotes sexism towards women and enforces that notion that “boys will be boys,” as if they are not responsible for their own thoughts and actions. There is nothing more frustrating than having to wear a sweater or school-provided T-shirt on an 87-degree day, all because your shoulders/cleavage/midriff showing is too “proactive.” It is not a woman’s job to accommodate the needs of others, and that should never be the expectation. Instead, our school should promote treating everyone with respect and have a little more faith in men, who are more than fully capable of exercising self-control.”

Dakota Saldano (11)

“So far, the dress code is very sexist, and what is even worse is that the school does not even seem to pay mind to it. Yes, they may acknowledge that it is a problem, but it bothers me that nothing is being done about it. It needs to be fixed right now.”

Mason Lieu (11)

“The dress code rule is kind of necessary to a certain extent in which it prevents people from dressing too inappropriately. However, what Wilson is doing is just too extreme. The dress code policy should definitely still be in place, but they should make it a bit more lenient.”

Natalia Morales (11)

“Personally, I think it is kind of dumb because it is not the girl’s fault that guys would even be distracted by shoulders. I mean, in reality, no guy gets distracted by such clothing. I do not really know what the reason is, but honestly, I just think it is ridiculous.”

Stephaney Myint (11)

“I think it is completely understandable to have a dress code for things such as shirts with inappropriate messages or super revealing articles of clothing. However, I honestly do not understand how tops that show a bit of a girl’s stomach or their shoulders are considered “too revealing.” In the summer, the temperatures can reach up to 90 degrees, so I think tank tops should be allowed. The complaints are reasonable, and dare I say, justifiable.”

Shannon Chau (10)

“To some extent, some dress code rules are necessary, but almost all of the clothes that girls get dress coded for are just normal clothes. It is not like the girls are showing up to school wearing bikinis; most only wear crop tops, tank tops, or shorts. So overall, I do not find the dress code something that is absolutely necessary. It is just a bunch of rules that sexualize what teenage girls wear despite there never being anything to sexualize in the first place.”

Reese Lim (10)

“I feel like it is aimed towards girls. I feel like shoulders are not distracting. I do not really know who would look at your stomach unless you are really weird. Like maybe if you went to school naked, I would get it, but you are just wearing a tank top like what is the problem.”

Gordon Lu (10)

“I think it is kind of good that people are standing up against the dress code because I feel like it is unfair to the girls. It said to not wear baggy clothes typically for the guys, but that is not really enforced. What is being enforced is the dress code against the girls, and it is not fair.”

Ogee Diaz (10)

“It seems pretty fine; I do not see anything wrong with it. I have not seen anyone around school complaining about it. I think my friends are fine with it. For the most part, it is really just wearing what you want as long as it is appropriate because you do not want to wear anything inappropriate in public and then get shamed for it.”

Elsa Garcia (9)

“I understand you cannot pull up in a bra or something “sexually suggestive,” but what they think as “sexually suggestive” is different because I really doubt that was any of the student’s intentions. A male student wearing a crop top walked around the whole school and was not dress-coded, which I think is unfair. It has also been extremely hot, and a lot of people need to cool down, so it is obvious why people need to show some skin.”

Claire Nakamura (9)

“From elementary to high school, a dress code is always enforced, controlling students to dress a certain way. The school dress code should be revoked, and students should have the freedom and ability to wear whatever they desire. Subsequently, suspending students or sending them to the principal’s office to change clothes can negatively impact a student’s learning and schooling.”

Ian Hornell (9)

“My opinion on the school’s dress code is that it is extremely sexist. The staff seems to have no problem dress coding girls, but they wear clothes against their own rules. The staff is extremely hypocritical, and there should be no reason for a dress code because no one should be sexualizing young girls, especially adult men or teachers.”

Mario Navarrete (9)

“I completely understand how girls can get annoyed by the dress code. As a guy, when we get dress-coded, it is for minor things, not for what we wear. Most of the time, it is what is being shown on our clothing, such as profanity. But the dress code is mainly targeting women. I have seen even teachers not even follow the dress code. So I can see how people can be mad and annoyed at the system.”

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