Starry Lane Bakery

  Place yourself in the shoes of an individual who has a food allergy. Consider the fear that goes into every food choice you make. One small mistake, any exposure to an ingredient you did not know about, could be the difference between life and death. The Starry Lane Bakery looks to fight this constant battle for you by providing a safe alternative for anyone afflicted.

  The Starry Lane Bakery, owned by the Schwartz family and operating from Hillcrest since 2017, has the idea is to create baked goods that are safe from top-ten allergens such as gluten, soy, dairy, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, fish, shellfish, sesame, and mustard, and it executes on this plan excellently. Each dish is finely tuned to have the same taste as the original recipe, with ingredients that won’t cause allergic reactions. The safety process does not stop there; all ingredients used are also vetted for the way they are processed. For example, an ingredient by itself may not be an allergen, but what if it was produced in a factory line that handles one? This very real scenario re-opens the door for a tainted ingredient in a dish that could have otherwise been safe. The Starry Lane Bakery combats this by ensuring any ingredient used is produced and packaged entirely devoid from allergens. 

  While these practices do cost more for Starry Lane through both production and shipping costs, the human response to the meals is priceless. The high level of thought and consideration going into each meal shows the love that founder Jaime Schwarts has for folks with a similar situation to herself. 

  Schwartz was diagnosed with Adult Onset Food Allergies, which was a major issue for her. She is a baker who can not come in contact with almonds and cashews, which thus severely restricts where and who she can work with! Instead of giving up, Schwartz used her background in the science field at Rutgers University to examine how the baking process changes how ingredients interact with one another, and by working backwards, Schwarts is able to provide a safe alternative of delicious pastries to those who craved such. Starry Lane’s website describes wholesome stories of kids having their first birthday cake or seeing a woman cry when she told her son she could pick any item he wanted without fear of an allergic reaction. These stories are likely to continue, as Schwartz is currently working on safe baking mixes that can be shipped out to provide families the joy of making their own safe foods at home.

  As someone who struggles with certain foods, I was skeptical when offered a simple chocolate chip cookie. All of my doubts were immediately dispelled when I bit down. The dough was better than any other cookie I had ever had, and the chocolate was in the perfect middle ground to be sweet without leaving an overbearing aftertaste. I see myself returning as a customer because that one cookie changed my entire outlook on how alternative foods can taste!

  Overall, the Starry Lane Bakery is more than just a place that provides food. It is a heartwarming tale of determination to continue doing what you love. It is an example of science being applied to food for the better. It is a solace for those who otherwise may not have been able to enjoy certain delicacies. The future is bright for such a sweet business.

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