St. Jude Volunteers at Los Angeles Marathon


 Team up for St. Jude volunteered at the annual St. Jude Los Angeles Marathon on March 24.

 The race began near the Dodger stadium and raised almost 98,000 dollars, which went to St. Jude Medical Center to forward research and provide no-cost hospitalization to all patients.

 Members passed out inspirational memorabilia, cheered on participants and passed out water to runners.

 Similarly, member senior Riley Luong believes that the club is doing a good deed for the community.

 “We wanted to help out and give back to the community. It has been eye-opening to learn about the problems and issues that [cancer patients] face and it makes me respect them even more,” Luong said

 Moreover, according to co-president senior Ashley Huh, having a more managerial role would increase the amount the club can provide.

 “One way we can provide better service is by being more independent,” Huh said. “Having our own booth as a club while representing St. Jude and providing [not only] various services but also  activities would allow more variety for runners and send a clearer message to the children that they are being supported. Additionally, secretary junior Ashley Ko states that the event allows the club to volunteer in a serious and professional environment.

 “It is a fun event that gets members to experience and try out volunteering.” Ko said “It shows them volunteering can be fun and makes them want to participate more. It shows them they can make a difference but enjoy themselves doing it.”

 Team Up For St. Jude will be making Easter Service Projects during lunch in the upcoming weeks.

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