Girls’ Basketball Hosts Tryouts For New Season


    Girl’s basketball took a victory against Walnut HS with a score of 31-28 on Saturday, Nov. 2.

 According to captain Miya Yi (12), the team kept trying even after some complications at the start of the game.

 “One of the good aspects of the team is how we kept our composure,” Yi said. “At the beginning of the game, we were down, but that did not discourage us and instead got [the team] to hustle and try harder.”

 In addition, forward player Lani Johnson (10) shares how the team excelled in their defense.

 “The techniques we did well [in] was in our defense,” Johnson said. “We denied the first pass really well, with [backup] always being [behind the front line].”

 Anticipating the team’s future, Yi shares how the team gained a win for the first game of the season.

 “Our communication [and] trust with one another kept us [through the game], and it led to good things.” Yi said.

 Girl’s basketball will be playing against South Hills HS at home on Tuesday, Nov. 13.


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