Spirit Week Successfully sets The Mood For Homecoming!

Glen A. Wilson’s Associated Student Body (ASB) hosted yet another spirit week from Oct. 17 to Oct. 21 to get Wilson students in the mood for homecoming!

This year’s homecoming theme,  Wilson in Wonderland, inspired by Alice In Wonderland set the tone for the week’s prompts including Decades Day, Anything but a Backpack, White Lies, Sorority Girl or Frat Boy, and Pink Out. 

Senior class president, Kennedy Brown explained how ASB came up with this year’s theme.

“We brainstormed a ton of ideas and wrote them all down, and then decided to pick which ones we wanted to do for homecoming. We made sure to keep in mind what phrases could go with the theme and the spirit day,” said Brown. “It is not easy to set spirit weeks up as it contains some hard work. A lot of people do not see what goes on behind the scenes. Many hours of work, even outside of school hours, goes in to prepare for these big events.”

Students have loved this year’s homecoming spirit week with the high amount of participation from all grades! Seniors definitely took charge with the spirit points they earned from participating and juniors following right behind.

Speaking of the junior class, junior Xiomara Ledezma says, “It has been very fun to participate in spirit week! White lies Wednesday was definitely my favorite day as it was interactive and very entertaining to do with friends.”

Moreover, freshman Genevieve Silva was ecstatic to participate in pink out yet was hoping to see pajama day to be in comfort at school.

“Pink out was so fun to dress out in as I got to support breast cancer awareness as well. I love that they have spirit weeks because I get to represent my school in a creative and fashionable way and it resembles a countdown for homecoming!”, said Silva

Wilson students are gleaming with excitement as homecoming is approaching on Oct. 22. ASB worked hard to make such an amazing night come to life. Be sure to arrive on time as there is a special surprise for everyone!

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