Spirit Week Generates Excitement for Sadie’s


Associated Student Body (ASB) hosted its annual Sadie’s Spirit Week to promote excitement for the Sadie’s Dance from Jan. 28 to Feb.1.

 In accordance with this year’s theme, “A Taste of California,” the week’s attire centered around casual Californian outfits. Students participated in Amusement Park Day Monday, Music Festival Day Tuesday, Wear Your Favorite California Artist Wednesday, Thrifting Thursday and Jersey Day Friday.

 According to ASB president senior Crystal Saleh, spirit week is a great way to promote the Sadie’s theme.

 “[Spirit week] excites people to get into the mood of Sadie’s,” Saleh said. “This spirit week relates more to [Los Angeles] culture, which I think is [distinctive] and allows people to express themselves differently.”

 In addition, senior Vannida Kol explains her reasons for participating, despite being unable to attend the dance.

 “[Since] I was born and raised in Texas and I just moved to California last year, seeing the California theme right in front of me and [participating with] other people made me feel more Californian,” Kol said.

 Furthermore, freshman Benjamin Xie shares his favorite spirit day.

 “My favorite spirit day is Music Festival Day Tuesday, because it gives people a chance to feel like they’re at a music festival,” Xie said. “Music festivals like Coachella are a big thing in California, and it [matches the Sadie’s theme well].”

 Sadie’s will take place on Saturday, Feb. 2, from 7:30 P.M. to 11 P.M.

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