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Spirit week excites students for Homecoming


 In preparation for Homecoming, ASB hosted a spirit week to engage and excite students for the dance from Oct. 2-6.

 Because this year’s theme is “Midnight in Paris,” many of the week’s attire choices reflected a touristy-romantic theme. Students participated in Mime Monday, Tourist Tuesday, “Spend the Night in Paris” Wednesday, “I Must-ache You to Wear a Hat” Thursday and “City of Love” Friday.

     According to ASB member junior Katelin Vong, spirit week promoted the theme of the dance and increased student engagement.

 “Since it was an entire week of hyping people up for the dance, preparing for the dance was a very inclusive and energetic process. I liked Tourist Tuesday the most because I own a pair of crab sunglasses, which I got to wear on Tuesday,” Vong said.

 Participating in spirit days provides opportunities for students to earn class points, and the Homecoming Spirit Week is no exception. Students who participated checked in by the senior tables during lunch to gain points for their class.

 Junior Jessica Chen explains why she participated in Spirit Week, despite being unable to attend the actual dance.

 “I participated in spirit week because I like to contribute to [junior] class points. It makes me feel like part of the class community,” Chen said.

 While students like Vong favored the casual wear of Tourist Tuesday, others like sophomore Yolanda Chen preferred a more classic choice of attire.

 “I liked Mime Monday the most, because it was a very aesthetic look. I think this year’s theme is adorable, so I regret not [being able to attend]. But, I think my friends will have lots of fun at the dance because of the work ASB has put in for the [event],” Chen said.

 Homecoming will take place on Saturday, Oct. 7 from 7-10:30 p.m.

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