Spanish Honors Society holds Day of the Dead rally

Spanish Honors Society or Sociedad Honoraria Hispanic (SHH) held a rally at lunch in the amphitheater to celebrate Day of the Dead on Nov. 1.

SHH is a club that aims to share and educate on Spanish culture. Its previous rally saw students singing to Spanish songs and a showcasing of quinceañera dresses. Last Monday, SHH focused on Day of the Dead traditions. 

Bellai Sandoval (11), SHH president, says the fun was all thanks to her fellow SHH club members.

“Previously, [when we planned the] Hispanic Heritage Month rally, that was just cabinet planning. So I took the [Day of the Dead] rally as an opportunity to get members to actually put in time and effort and see what is going on behind the scenes,” Sandoval said. “We got into commissioner groups, and each group focused on one set of things. [For example], a rally commissioner group did the outline for the rally and wrote the script.”

Sandoval also expands on what she thought of their efforts as well as how she felt leading up to the event.

“Leading up to the rally, I was super excited, whether people showed up or not—of course, you want a good turnout, but I was really proud that I was able to step back as the president [of SHH] and see how the members were able to work on things on their own,” said Sandoval. “I was confident [the rally] was going to look good, so there was not an ounce of anxiety leading up to it.”

Students in the audience were able to see for themselves the excitement that was the Day of the Dead rally. Not only that, they were able to learn a little more about Spanish culture and even participate in a papa caliente or hot potato game in order to win a $15 Chipotle gift card.

Leslie Lira (11) was one of the students in the stands. They speak about their favorite part of the rally.

“[My favorite part of the rally was] the part where the audience played ‘papa caliente.’ This game reminds me a lot of when I used to live in Mexico and play it. It brought a new game for others [who might not have known] about it before, which is fun!” Lira says.

Though SHH has no concrete plans for more rallies, students can look forward to celebrating Spanish culture through SHH events outside of school.

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