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Spanish Honors Society celebrates Hispanic Heritage month

The Spanish Honors Society recently held two rallies to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month at the amps from Oct.14 through 15. The Honors Society showcased dancers and singers to demonstrate the Hispanic culture to the student population. 

According to president junior Bellai Sandoval, she really wanted to captivate the audience with the Hispanic culture. 

“Hispanic culture is so broad and diverse, so we had to think of a celebration that all cultures celebrate,” Sandoval continued. “My cabinet and I decided to do a quinceanera dance, which was easy to execute because I was planning my own quinceanera at the time.”

Additionally, vice president senior Sean Lai also enjoyed being part of their biggest activity, the quinceanera dance. 

“It was fun participating in the dance. I do not know how to dance, and I kept stepping on my partner’s dress but having the crowd there cheering us on made it better,” Lai stated. “Through this dance, I learned a new side of the Hispanic culture and their celebrations, and I finally know what a chambelan is!”

Sandoval also praised the various students who sang at the rallies, a hard feat. 

“They really portrayed the beauty of Hispanic culture with their talent. One thing I respect as much as their talent is their confidence,” Sandoval stated. “It takes a lot of courage to sing in front of all those people, and they did amazing.” 

As the performers shined, the audience loved the performances of Hispanic culture. Junior Ernie Jimenez shared his thoughts on this two-day event. 

“I really enjoyed these two rallies and how interactive they were with the audience. They did a great job at showing a lot of the Hispanic culture,” Jimenez said. “My favorite part was when they brought out people to dance; it was really fun to participate. Looking forward to their next rally!”

Make sure to not miss out the Spanish Honors Society next event on Nov. 1, as they will be hosting a Dia de los Muertos rally!

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