SOS! The Jo Bros are back

leaving neverland and jacksons legacy

 The iconic brothers are back and definitely better.

 As fans from around the country have slowly accepted the fact that the three iconic Jonas brothers were a thing of the past, an announcement from Nick, Joe and Kevin on the first of March shocked the entire world.

 The trio released their hit single, Sucker, after going active on their Instagram and Twitter and teasing the shocked fans about their upcoming song with a few posts of their social media platforms.

 After nearly six years, the “Jo Brothers” finally decided to reunite, and it is to nobody’s surprise that they came back stronger than ever.

  Their first song in nearly six years immediately hit number one trending on Youtube, with fans sharing the exciting news all over social media. The sassy video features the three grown men in suits with their partners in beautiful gowns.

 The fast-paced, upbeat song blends well with the eccentric style of the music video, including the vibrant colors of their outfits. In addition to the visual aesthetic, the song itself is definitely catchy.

  Notably, now that all the brothers are grown, it is a wonder to see how the Jonas Brothers’ careers will come together after so long apart. The “Jo Bros” have come along way in both their professional and personal lives.

 Back in 2013, the Jonas Brothers disbanded at the height of their careers, leaving the throngs of loyal fans in despair. The boys cited their “musical differences” and “deep rift in the band” as the reason for their separation. It was difficult for many people to believe because their music and careers, individual and together, seemed to be on an upward trajectory.   After disbanding, each brother went their separate ways, Joe formed another band, DNCE, and made a few hits. Kevin starred in several movies and started making his own music, and the youngest brother, Nick launched his own acting and music career.

 In January of 2018, the brothers reactivated their Instagram and Twitter accounts, hinting at a possible reunion. However, the trio insisted to the questioning fans that this did not mean they were reuniting, which now we all know was just a ploy.

 “It’s nice to be able to tell everyone else about this. We’ve kept it a secret for seven to eight months,” Nick Jonas said after their single was released.

 Although the three have been reluctant to reunite, a sudden idea from the youngest brother sparked the beginning of something incredible.

 “We started playing a little music together and realized right away this is where we’re meant to be in our lives at this moment,” Nick said.

 After their decision was made, they made sure to go through a year of therapy in order to get on the same page, and the unbelievable trio came back to shine once again.

  However, the boys’ future is yet to come. It is not certain whether the trio is together for just a short reunion, or if they actually decide to continue making songs as a boyband.

 Nonetheless, they have promoted their return with host James Corden on The Late Late Show with James Corden, answering questions about their future, singing and putting on skits. They were also featured in BBC radio, and answered more questions on how they came together on Entertainment Tonight.

 All three brothers are happily married, successful in their own individual paths, and have matured in their music. We just cannot wait for what they have for us in the future, because we are all suckers for these brothers.


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