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Softball swiftly advances to CIF Quarterfinals


 On Tuesday, May 7, softball won their second round of California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) against San Jacinto HS with a score of 9-6.

 Softball will be advancing to quarter finals where they will play at  home against Whittier Christian HS on May 9.

 According to captain Emily Bracamonte (12), the team’s confidence and consistency contributed to their overall performance.

 “We were excited to play and did not doubt our team,” Bracamonte said. “We practiced our usual drills and hyped each other up. For the next round, we just have to come out stronger because the deeper we make it into CIF, the more difficult the teams will become.”

 Additionally, hitter Victoria Ramirez (10) believes maintaining a positive mentality as well as supporting  each other helps to improve their gameplay.

 “We are proud of how we played this game as a team,” Ramirez said. “Keeping each other’s moral high throughout the entire game and planning our strategies beforehand helped us to gain a lead.”

 Overall, catcher Elizabeth Chong (11) is proud of the teams progress so far in the season and hopes next year will be even more successful.

 ‘[I am] excited to move on past the second round of CIF because last year we [did not] make it past the first round,” Chong said. “I think I can speak for the team and say that everyone is proud of each other and happy to see what [we are] capable of. Our team can only go up from here.”

 Softballs’ next game is to be determined based on the results of semifinals.





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