Softball receives victory against Rowland HS


 On Wednesday, April 17, softball incurred a phenomenal victory against Rowland HS with a final score of 3-2.

 Succumbing to Rowland HS the last time they faced, softball defeated their rivals with a strong performance from their pitcher, Elena Bahnimtewa (12).

 According to co-captain Emily Bracamonte (12), while the team was successful in this instance, they still have room to improve.

 “[We] came together today and played as a team while we were not all there last game,” Bracamonte said. “Our hitting has been struggling [and] while our defense is [strong], we can improve on [our offense]. [Additionally], our chemistry [is an issue, so] we should work together and know we have each others backs.”

 Similarly, centerfield Mia Ayala (11) believes the team needs growth and will personally take steps to make it happen.

 “We did pretty well [this game], but could use some improvement [in regards] to hitting and staying on top of the ball,” Ayala said. “[In the future], I will do my best [to keep a] good attitude, [to] pick up my teammates when they are down, to get on base and to make plays in the outfield to help out my team.”

 AdditionallyMeanwhile, shortstop Janelle Ivy (12) is motivated  by her competitive spirit and enjoys playing ball with her friendsteam.

 “What motivates me is my drive to win, I hate to lose and my teammates know that. [However], when I play I leave it all out there,” Ivy said. “[In addition], my favorite part about being on the softball team is being able to play ball with some of my best friends.”

 Softball’s next game will be against San Dimas HS on Monday, April 22.

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