Softball Crushes Arroyo HS with Close Win


 On Tuesday, Feb. 19, softball defeated Arroyo HS with a score of 6-5.

 This game ended with a close win, with softball almost losing their undefeated record. Likewise, Mia Ayala (11) hit a home run during the last inning, adding two points to put them in the lead, securing a win for the girls.

 According to captain Emily Bracamonte (12), the team’s dynamic and drills are crucial to success.

 “Practicing our pitching and fielding really prepared us for our game,” Bracamonte said. “[Focusing on],  our usual warm up right before helped up to get in the right mindset as a team.”

 Additionally, catcher Elizabeth Chong (11) believes the team’s positivity and teamwork contributed to their win.

 “[Before the game], we [stayed] confident and visualized another win,” Chong said. “We knew Arroyo would be a difficult team, but we did not let that [affect our] gameplay. We came close to losing, but finished the game strong.”

  By staying on the bright side and envisioning another victory, the girls pulled through and maintained their undefeated record for the pre-season.

 Despite the win, hitter Vanessa Maldonado (10), thought the team could improve in a few areas

 “[We should all], consistently keep a positive attitude throughout the whole game, no matter what the score is,” Maldonado said. “My team has potential for an amazing season, we just need to focus on our weaknesses.”

 Softball’s next game will be away at Nogales  HS on Feb. 27.


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