Singers Enchant Audiences at Concert


 Voices of Wilson sang at its annual Love Songs concert on Feb. 12 and 13.

 All four choral groups, Aria, Sorellé, Harmony and Rhythm, performed at the concert, and choir members auditioned for additional solos and group songs. As a result of the high turnout, choir had to turn additional spectators away on the second night of the concert.

 According to choir director DeJohn Brown, students have been preparing for the concert since the new year  began.

  “I mentioned [the concert] to my students at the beginning of the semester and let them know what I was looking for and when the auditions would be [held],” Brown said. “Then, from there, they took it upon themselves to [determine] how much they practiced, and some of those students practiced the moment they found out.”    

 Furthermore, junior Aria member Jacob Viramontes explains that the performances increased in skill with each concert.

 “[During the first concert], I think we did great, but since we had another concert, we [had time to adjust and improve], so we sounded even better,” Viramontes said. “Since there were more performances [the next day], the people who watched the first concert got a feel of what to do.”

 In addition, senior Harmony ember Ezdras Meraz-Lerma, who soloed in “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley, stated how he enjoyed being a part of the concert.

 “Overall, [during the concert], I liked listening to other people’s solos, singing with the rest of the choir and hanging out with people backstage,” Mearaz-Lerma said.

 The choir department’s next performance will be the Spring Concert on March 12.

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