“Sightless in Seattle”: Can Emotional Connection Truly Overpower Physical Affection?

  The final three episodes of the 4th season of Love is Blind were released on Sep. 1, all of which caught up with the lives of everyone who was a part of the show after the live reunion in episode 13.

  Love is Blind is a reality TV show comprising of 30 single people—15 men and 15 women—who do their best to find “matches” and fall in love. In order to find matches, however, the singles have to enter different pods and go through many rounds of blind speed dating. However, there’s a twist: the couples that fall in love can never see each other face-to-face until they are prepared to take a leap of faith and get engaged. This voice-only social experiment aims to show that emotional connection can conquer the boundaries that physical attraction holds in a relationship. Sometimes, the reality show emphasizes, the emotional connection of a relationship does not form fully due to the overtaking of physical attraction. Still, there are also cases on the show where that connection is diminished just as quickly as it forms. 

  The show launched the first five episodes of its fourth season on Netflix on Mar. 24, with co-hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachley leading the way. Season 4 has 16 episodes and a 69% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

  I can say that I do enjoy watching the participants find “their person”, as they say, but it’s a shame to see couples fall apart just because of a singular problem, making it feel like the relationship progressed too quickly despite eliminating the initial physical factor in the relationship.

  But right now, we’re not talking about connections—we’re talking about what I think of it. I started watching the first episode of the season not expecting much—just people discussing what they are like and what they find in a partner. But oh my god, I have never been more drawn to a reality show about finding love than this. I enjoyed learning about the backstories stories of each participant, reading their inner thoughts about the people they have met, and seeing just how easily people can click with one another and create friendships. It comes to show that when a relationship depends entirely on connection, both the ideals and views of the other person can either keep it going or make it explode.

  When it came to Tiffany and Brett, things were basically “love at first sight” for them, simply because of how much and how easily they connected. For the quickly “matched” couple, I believe that they really are meant for each other because of how easily they shared about themselves, which shows me just how comfortable and vulnerable they became  within just three days of the show’s start. The same goes for Chelsea and Kwame, as both managed to communicate well very quickly, talking about their past relationships and figuring out their similarities and differences.

  On the other hand, Irina and Zack initially matched with one another; but after seeing each other and traveling to a resort in Mexico for the show’s mandatory bonding getaway, they fell apart. As much as I want to say that they had a really good connection, it’s frustrating to know that Irina believes that seeing Zack in real life made her uncomfortable. Despite the couple’s fallout, Zack had a much stronger and more genuine connection to Bliss–who he had a past with, as they not only fell in love but also broke up in the pods–considering how he went back to her after he split with Irina. After seeing how Bliss felt when talking to Zack, I really wish for the couple to be happy with each other despite their flaws.

  Micah and Paul were originally very awkward upon meeting, but after talking more and expecting to “see” each other in the pods, their relationship grows bit by bit. However, they run into problems that make them question whether or not they are meant to be. Despite the fact that they were meant to be, Paul leaves her at the altar on their wedding day, leaving the two of them in tears. It’s quite sad seeing how their story ended because I knew they would have lasted forever if it weren’t for their hesitations.

  Jackie and Marshall’s opposite personalities draw them together at first, but it’s also what causes them to fall flat and feel unsatisfied with each other. Who knew a connection could be broken so fast because of a limited dating history? Oops…did I forget to mention that Jackie had never dated anyone before Marshall?

  Jimmy and Wendi hit it off with each other very quickly, but three months after the end of the season, they broke up on friendly terms. Ava and JP gravitated toward each other initially, but with the stress building on once the participants left the pods, JP decided to break off the engagement. How disappointing to realize that the real world can stop a pair from living the life of their dreams…

  Those who left the show single–, Micah, Irina, Paul, and Marshall–left wishing to focus more on themselves and heal from their relationships during the season, believing that they will find the right one for themselves. Meanwhile, the couples are ready to work through marriage and ensure that their love grows deeper with every day they spend with their person. 

If you’re expecting more of the show, fret not, because Season 5 is coming out soon and will be premiering on Sep. 22 of this year! To the ones who want something to do with love or have nothing to watch, take a chance and watch the 4th season of Love Is Blind! You might appreciate it as much as I did.

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