Should Gypsy Rose Blanchard be gifted fame following her release?

  Gypsy Rose Blanchard, the woman responsible for orchestrating her own mother’s death in 2015, has recently been released from prison on Dec. 28th after eight and a half long years.

  Following her release, Blachard has already received excessive media attention regarding her story though most outlets seem to be taking more notice of her new marriage with husband Ryan Anderson rather than the delicate subject at hand. 

  In a time where social media allows  for instant fame and societal response, we should pay more attention to who we give this spotlight of fame to. While Blanchard suffered a traumatic childhood  which motivated the murder of her mother Clauddine Blanchard (Also known as Dee Dee Blanchard), thisis not an excuse to give Blancharda platform of fame and attention, especially right after walking into a new life that is much different than the one she was taken out of.

  Blanchard was a victim of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, an illness where the caretaker of a child either makes up fake symptoms or induces real symptoms to occur in an effort to make the child appear sick.  Blanchard was lied to about her age by her mother, confined to a wheelchair, had her teeth pulled, a feeding tube inserted to her abdomen, made to think she was deathly allergic to sugar, and many other illnesses which her mother acquired several prescriptions for which were taken on a daily basis. We should not disregard her story as fans say it was a kill or be killed situation. However, we can not glorify someone forgetting what they have committed in the past.

  Letting a famous murderer from the past like Aileen Wuornos out into the world and giving them a large platform perhaps making others believe it is okay to commit heinous acts like them would never be okay.

  So why is it that today we allow Gypsy Rose to run the entirety of our  media outlets including TikTok For You Pages, talk shows, and even Instagram?

  Most of the interviewers forget that Blanchard was involved in a very serious murder and caused her then-boyfriend Nick Godejohn, to receive life in prison because of the plan she made as she manipulated him while he was highly autistic. In an interview with Blanchard and her husband, they bring light to the fact that if she had ever asked Anderson or even her ex in prison to do what her then paramour executed, they would have said no and gone to the authorities to help her.

  The few months prior to Blanchard’s release were filled with jokes and situations in which Gypsy would experience once she walked away from the prison doors. Fans were quick with the videos following up on the paparazzi pictures taken of her as she walked to her car though that backfired on her as she was forced to leave the state of missouri. Blanchard immediately enjoyed the attention as she quickly created a Tiktok account to update her fans on her outings and Instagram as well. Once fans began to notice that she took advantage of the fame, making deals with Lifetime almost creating a reality show and going on talk shows for relationship games with her husband, they realized they possibly made the wrong decision. 

  Cancel culture has once again made its way into the conversation and fans have already begun to turn on Blanchard. Once word got out that Gypsy was “testing” her new husband’s loyalty while in jail, by saying she had a dream about her ex boyfriend and left Anderson, fans took to the internet to express how it was wrong for her to do that despite her possibly having trust issues from her mother. Some fans believe that Gypsy should just remain behind closed doors and leave the internet to live a normal life. Everyone knows this most likely will not happen though it honestly would be the best case scenario for Blanchard.

  At the end of the day, fame is a double-edged sword and in Blanchard’s case, fame perhaps does more harm than good as she opens this new chapter of life beyond prison and childhood. 


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