Shopping made traditional?


  What would you rather do? Buy over 500 dollars worth of shoes online just so you can try them on at home, only to return the majority of them or go to the store to try on the same pairs and only buy the pair you actually like? 

  If this question was asked ten years ago, the majority of people would have chosen the second option since the internet was not a prevalent tool in someone’s everyday life. 

  However, since then, online shopping has taken the world by storm. At the forefront is Amazon, a well-known corporation known for its vast online market and instant availability.

  Although online shopping has forever changed the way consumers interact, it should not replace traditional walk-in stores.

  What many do not realize is that traditional stores such as Macy’s and JCPenney give consumers a great and convenient way to try and view products. This offers customers ample opportunity to see if they would like to purchase it without committing to purchasing the actual product. 

   If the large price tag for their products scares consumers, any customer can always go to a local Goodwill or thrift store for cheap prices and overall good quality products.

  Additionally, buying through actual stores allows the consumer to actually have the product on the same day they actually buy it. While some may argue that Amazon’s one-day shipping compensates for this commodity, it cannot truly compare to the feeling of actually having the product in your hand right after purchase.

  It can also be said that online shopping is much more convenient for people who might not have the time or means to visit a traditional store. 

  This argument is undoubtedly substantial unless people consider the high possibility of the customer disliking or being dissatisfied with the product. Though there are ways to return products from the convenience of home, there are still many items that cannot be returned online. Also, online returns have shipping fees that are nonexistent if brought to a regular store.

  Overall, the rise of the internet may change the future of buying products for years to come, but the need for these traditional stores will always be necessary for the convenience of consumers.

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