Senior students come together to take panoramic photo

The Glen A Wilson class of 2022 gathered together at the amphitheater to take the senior panoramic photo on Nov. 29.

The senior panoramic is a large photo that captures every senior student into an image kept for memories. 

Even though the senior panoramic can be kept as a high school souvenir, Senior Jessica Huang believes it would not be something she would purchase.

“Personally, it’s not a purchase I would invest in because it will be in the yearbook, so I will see it anyway,” Huang says. “It is also more about the memories we had while taking the pictures like dressing up with friends and making funny poses that made it so memorable.”

On the other hand, Ethan Tran (12) thinks the photo is indeed worth the investment.

“I think the senior panoramic is worth purchasing because it shows a lot of friend groups and [student’s] school spirit. It shows how [much] we bonded throughout the school year,” Tran says.

The senior panoramic is a photo that displays the spirit of all the senior students. Before graduating, Huang shares some of her favorite moments during her four years of high school.

“Most of my best memories lie in band because that’s where I spent most of my time in high school. I would say one of the best moments was getting into our band championships because it was rewarding to see all our hard work finally earn us some awards,” Huang shares. “Besides band, I enjoy going to rallies and football games with my friends because of the dressing up, the hype and hanging out with friends.”

Furthermore, senior Jake Xie reminisces about his favorite memory — the cross country state championships.

“We did everything from eating to running our hearts out, and we even shared a room for 2 days and had tons of fun and laughter pulling pranks on one another. It was definitely one of my favorite memories,” Xie says.

The senior class of 2022 hopes to make more unforgettable memories before graduating.


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