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Second season of Riverdale satisfies viewers

riverdale season 2

 After waiting for an excursionary couple of months, Riverdale fans can finally rejoice.  

 The second season of Riverdale finally aired on October 11. The show’s first season  aired on January 26, 2017.

 Season one takes place as the summer ends in a small town named Riverdale. People are mourning the loss of Jason Blossom, the golden school boy. When a new school year starts, teenagers Betty Cooper, Archie Andrews, Veronica Lodge, and Jughead Jones slowly uncover more details about the so called suicide of Jason Blossom.  On the outside, Riverdale seems like quiet, friendly town, but as the plot develops, viewers realize that Riverdale is anything but what it appears to be.

 At the end of the first season, viewers are left with a horrible cliffhanger. Fred, Archie’s father, is robbed and severely shot.

 The premiere of the second season is worthwhile to watch  because of its good and descriptive content as well as its suspenseful atmosphere.

 The premiere revealed  details  that answered  questions from the first season.

 For example, Ms. Grundy, the music teacher at Riverdale High, reappears briefly in the second season. When she finishes teaching a young male student, she kisses him on the lips, confirming the fact that she is a pedophile.

 As a viewer, this pulls the audience into the show because of the question raised from the scene. As a result, viewers are on the edge of their seats, waiting for more.   

 In addition, Fred’s fate was also determined in the premiere. The end of the first season built up the   shooting of Fred Andrews, and ended the season with a cliffhanger.

  After a touching moment, Archie promises his father to always protect him.

 This scene helps the episode become increasingly suspenseful because it reveals that Riverdale is a dark town, with murders  happening often.  Because of this, the audience begins to question the townspeople of Riverdale and these  elements of suspense lures the audience to become more engaged.

 Beyond a much more developed plot, the premier unveiled descriptive details about characters in Riverdale.

 The development of Cheryl Blossom is a prime example. In season one, she faces verbal abuse from her parents as well as the loss of her beloved brother.

 Although Cheryl was snarky and unkind in the first season, she became empathetic as the first  season continued, and even apologized to Jughead Jones, a character she extremely disliked.

 However, during the second season, Cheryl’s bad side becomes more apparent because of disputes with her mom, and her growing superiority complex. For example, Cheryl goes so far to threaten to murder her mother if she doesn’t heed to Cheryl. This makes the viewer engrossed with Cheryl because of her stark change in behavior and attitude.

 Ultimately, between friendship bonding and creepy murders, the second season of Riverdale is definitely worth watching. Because of its extremely well acting and plot, the show Riverdale fails to disappoint by producing  content that engages audiences. In the future, viewers can look for more discoveries  as the show continues to develop.

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