Season two of Bridgerton is coming soon!

On Feb. 14, the official Netflix Youtube channel announced that season two of its hit historical romance series Bridgerton will be released on Mar. 25.

Bridgerton, produced by Shondaland, is a period drama TV show based on New York Times best-selling author Julia Quinn’s novel series of the same name. It rose quickly to Netflix‘s top ten following its premiere on Dec. 25, 2020, where it remained for weeks, for which its amazing cast; enthralling plot; stunning costumes and set design can be attributed.

Among other things, Bridgerton can be commended for its talented set of actors and actresses. Regé-Jean Page plays a duke, Phoebe Dynevor a duchess and Julie Andrews the narrator of their scandalous goings-on. Furthermore, Bridgerton made an effort to avoid casting only white people, as would be appropriate for the setting—London during the early 1800s. However, Bridgerton breaks the stereotype, casting Golda Rosheuvel, a Black woman, as the Queen of the United Kingdom. Several other non-white actors were also cast, including Regé-Jean Page himself, who has since been nominated for Best Actor in a Drama Streaming Series. Albeit a controversial choice, many fans were happy with the diversity this casting choice produced.

But while Bridgerton’s cast is unorthodox, its plot is not. British nobles on the search for love while navigating gossip and family troubles is typical for any period-drama genre, and this show is no different. Still, Bridgerton proves exciting for viewers in a way that cannot be denied. It is still incredibly charming—an aspect that is only further exacerbated by its wonderful cast and impressive costume and set design.

The first episode of Bridgerton begins with an introduction to its elegantly-dressed main cast. The quality of their outfits is immediately noticeable and consistent throughout the show. And though not every article of cotton candy-colored clothing featured in Bridgerton is historically accurate, they never failed to be breathtaking. Costume designer Ellen Mirojnick and his team are to thank.

“It took five months to prepare before we went to shoot. The costume team came to 238 people… In the end, there were about 7,500 pieces—from hats to shawls to overcoats—that made up the [estimated] 5,000 costumes that went before the camera,” Mirojnick said in an interview with Vogue.

Production designer Will Hughes-Jones went through a similar process. Hughes-Jones and his crew built and re-configured over 100 practical locations for Bridgerton, and like the costumes, they were all extraordinary. The famous Wilton House in Wiltshire is only one of the beautiful sets featured on the screen.

With all these factors at play, it is no surprise that Bridgerton has so far received dozens of honors. Among them is an Emmy in the 2021 Outstanding Period And/Or Character Hairstyling category as well as an Emmy nomination in the 2021 Outstanding Drama Series category. Likewise, Rotten Tomatoes critics and audience members rate the show an 87% and 72% respectively. IMDb also gave the show a 7.3/10.
Overall, the second season of Bridgerton has a lot to live up to. Its first season provided a form of escapism amid a global crisis—the coronavirus pandemic had, by then, affected everyone everywhere in some way, whether it be economically, socially or mentally. But COVID is not gone yet, and many hope that the show’s second season will help provide another escape into the fantasy world of Bridgerton.

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