Science Olympiad’s Team A WINS UC Davis Invitational!

Time and again, Glen A. Wilson High School’s (GAWHS) Science Olympiad team soars to new heights during the competition! 

Team A of GAWHS’s Science Olympiad placed first overall at the University of California, Davis (UC Davis) Aggie Invitational tournament on Jan. 14! 

While the event coordinators made some confusion during scoring, placing GAWHS third place at first, Wilson finally came out first in the overall ranking!

Jungsoo Han, who has been the Science Olympiad coach for seven years, spoke on how rewarding Team A’s ranking was.

“I am pretty proud of our team for working hard to get to this point and level,” said Han. “We competed against 50 teams all across California, and we were able to get first place. Our team went a little above my expectations with the first-place overall rank. We were all a little surprised about the rank.”

Even with the first prize achievement, Han sees ways the team can continue to improve from here on out.

“The team can focus on the smaller, more specific parts of their events,” explained Han. “The nice thing about going to invitationals is that you get your test back with the corrections. Students are able to look at where they made mistakes and focus on improving those specific portions on the tests.”

Additionally, Team A member Annabel Wen (11)—who competes in the events Chem Lab, Environmental Chem, Dynamic Planet and Forensics—shared how she reacted upon finding out her team won. 

“I started laughing! I was in shock, among other things,” exclaimed Wen.

When asked whether there is a lot of pressure to upkeep Science Olympiad’s stellar accomplishments, Avery Liu (12)—who competes in Codebusters, Experimental Design and Rocks and Minerals—expressed that there is always pressure to perform well at each competition.

“However, we put in hours every week studying for our events, and our teammates are there to motivate us to do better at each invitational,” Liu explained. “I believe that as long as we put in the time and stay motivated as a team, we will definitely be able to surpass our current achievements.”

Whether you are a high school student or still in middle school, all students have the amazing, successful Team A to look up to! 

Let us continue to cheer on our Science Olympiad team as they keep representing the best of STEM at Wilson! 

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