Science Olympiad reaches a new level!



Kyle Ngo (10)

How do you feel Science Olympiad has changed your high school experience?

“Science Olympiad has changed my experience in high school by making me well rounded in academics and it has helped me make new friends.”

How do you prepare weekly for competitions?

“We put in at least six hours in weekly testing and preparing.”

What is the most challenging part of Science Olympiad?

“The most challenging part is staying focused and memorizing everything we need to know for our events.”

Is there anyone you would like to shoutout?

“I would like to shoutout Mr. Han for pushing us to not be weak.”

Dogs or Cats?

“Dogs because I love petting and playing with them.”


Ashley Ko (12)

What are some of the challenges of being a captain?

“Some of the challenges of being a captain include making sure that I set a good example for my team all the time.  I want to make sure I am a person they can look to for help.”

How has Science Olympiad bettered your life?

“Science Olympiad has made me an overall more knowledgeable person and has developed my passion for science. It has also helped me discover what I want to do in the future, which is to pursue a career in the medical field.”

What do you feel science can do for teenagers?

“I feel like science can help teenagers and people in general grasp a better understanding of the world around them” 

What is your favorite thing to do outside of academics?

“I love art, especially sketching and painting.”

Fruits or vegetables?

“I am a fruit person. My favorite is strawberries.”


Roselyn Lee (12)

Do you plan to continue science into college, and possibly make a career out of it?

“Yes, I am going to continue in Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) during college, I hope to eventually become a doctor.”

Have you learned better time management because of Science Olympiad?

“Yes, I have after juggling Science Olympiad along with other activities for so many years.”

Why should someone apply to the Science Olympiad team?

“Science Olympiad gives students the opportunity to explore what interests them in STEM while also helping them in academic science courses.”

What is your favorite food?

“My favorite food is ramen!”

Beach or snow?

“Definitely the beach because I prefer the heat.”


Brittney Myint (12)

How has being in Science Olympiad changed you as a person?

“Science Olympiad can be competitive, so I have been more ambitious. I have also improved my study habits.”

How do you feel Science Olympiad prepares you for the real world?

“The knowledge we gain from Science Olympiad can be applied to future jobs we may pursue in the real world that contain science.”

While practicing, does your team do anything specifically week to week to prepare for anything?

“We take practice tests every week to practice for the competitions.”

What does science mean to you?

“Science inspires me to find new ways to help others.”

What is your favorite kind of music?

“I enjoy emotional songs, specifically alternative rock.”


Jungsoo Han (Advisor)

How do you improve as an advisor?

“I attend training every year in Arizona for a week. All Science Olympiad instructors help out coaches there. We learn about different study events. I attempt to research and self reflect as well.”

How should a student struggling in a certain event become more adept at that skill?

“They should start off with identifying the skill they are struggling with. There are plenty of online resources to turn to. They also can turn to their coaches for help.”

How do you motivate your students to work harder?

“I encourage my students and set an example for hard work.”

What is something about Science Olympiad you look forward to every year?

“I like to attend the different invitational tournaments across the country and California. We get to compete against students who typically we would never get to test our skills against.”

What is your favorite sport?

“I like badminton and cross-country.”

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