Science Olympiad Makes History at Invitational



                                    PHOTO PROVIDED BY JENIBELLE HSU

Science Olympiad competed in the  third annual Mesa-Wilson Division B/C Invitational on Jan. 19.

 Every year since hosting this competition, Science Olympiad has significantly improved its rankings. Members’ hard work paid off this year with a first place finish.

 According to captain senior Katie Kyan, an increased time commitment has lead to positive results.

 “[This year], we have gone to more practice invitationals and networked with other teams,” Kyan said. “[This has] paid off, because we have already beaten the best regional team from last year.”

 In addition, member junior Brittney Myint believes that discipline and devotion allowed the team to triumph over other competitors.

 “Hard work and preparation [allowed us to perform well],” Myint said. “[Leading up to the competition], we had practices [twice] a week and over winter break.”

 Personally, member junior Nathan Leung is satisfied about his performance and hopes to outperform his rivals.

 “My favorite part of the competition was doing well in various events, [which] makes me feel like my hard work has paid off,” Leung said. “Our goal this year is to [beat] Troy High School, [whose team consistently places] first at State.”

 Science Olympiad’s next event is Golden Gate Tournament at UC Berkeley on Feb. 9.

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