Science Olympiad hosts tryouts for new members

Glen A. Wilson’s Science Olympiad began their tryout process for newcomers on Aug. 17.

During tryouts, students had to demonstrate scientific prowess through various tests and practice events in order to make the team.

Initially, the team felt the competitive spirit in the air. According to Coach Jung-Soo Han, a part of tryouts is experiencing the high school level of competition.

“The overall feeling for the tryout is competitiveness. [For those that] are new to Science Olympiad, they will be getting used to the new level of high school competition. However, for the returners, [it is all] about getting back to normal and learning about their new events,” said Han.

Returners are excited to increase chemistry and come back to in-person competition. For returning members like junior Ethan Lee, the tryouts are a way to know and bond with the new members.

“We will hold team bondings that include study groups and various games to improve [team chemistry]. It is very exciting to be back with the team after not being in person for the past season,” said Lee.

Cautiously excited, new recruits are anxious but carry an overall positive tone as they start their tryout process.

Because of her participation in her middle school’s Science Olympiad team, freshman Emily Quon felt nervous but also very excited to try-out for the high school team.

“I know [Science Olympiad] is very different in high school,” Quon explained. She added that she hopes to make it onto the team despite only 25 students making the final cut.

Science Olympiad’s final cuts and tests are in early October.

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