Science Olympiad and their experience at the 10th Annual MIT Invitational!

Emily Chang (12) 

What was it like to compete at the 10th annual MIT Science Olympiad Invitational?

“It was very stressful, but a fun experience!”

What took place at the invitational?

“I competed in 3 events and toured MIT. I specifically competed in Microbe Mission, Write it, do it, and Forestry.”

How do you personally feel about the results of the competition?

“I’m personally surprised with my own results since I got top 10 in all my events, but I think we could have done better collectively as a team.”

Is there anything you feel you and your team could have done to achieve a higher place at the invite?

“I think our team could have studied and collaborated more prior to the invitational.”

Were you nervous at all to compete against such high level science olympiad programs?

“I was definitely nervous prior to competing, but I have learned to get used to it.”

What was your favorite part about traveling to Massachusetts?

“My favorite part was the snow! I personally really enjoyed the cold weather and it was very different from California.”
As a captain, were there any specific responsibilities you had to take on during the competition?

“As a captain, I made sure that everyone was accounted for and things stayed organized while at the competition.”

Ella Mak (11)

How do you think your team could have prepared better for the competition?

“We could have prepared better by making sure to find all of our event rooms before the invitational started. The buildings at MIT were all connected, but very spread out, and a lot of us had to run to rush to our events. Some of us even got lost along the way! So we should have definitely found all of our event rooms before the invitational started.”

Did competing against such high ranked schools intimidate you at all?

“Competing against high ranked schools actually did not scare me at all. It was a privilege to go to the MIT invitational, and I am happy we got to see some of the top schools in the nation and gauge where we were amongst the best.”

Are you looking forward to anything specific from science olympiad in the future?

“In the near future, I hope we can maintain our #1 spot as the best in our region, and place top 6 at state!”

Is there anything that you have learned from science olympiad that you have taken with you into highschool?

“Definitely my time management skills. You have to put in a lot of hours studying for each event you have, and it can be hard to find time to do other extracurriculars. However, science olympiad has taught me to prioritize my time, and now I can finish all my school work and study for all my science olympiad events while still having time to do the things I love.”

Gloria Luu (10)

If you could describe the trip in one word, what would it be?

“I would describe the trip as exciting.”

How did you like the MIT campus?

“I liked the campus because of how all the main buildings were connected to each other. So, you did not have to freeze in the cold getting to a different building.”

What was the most memorable part of the invitational?

“The most memorable part for me was playing games and talking with my teammates after the competition.”

What was your role during the competition?

“I mainly compete in study events relating to biology and geology.”

Did you feel the team performed to their full potential during the competition?

“I felt like we did fine; however, there is still room for improvement.”

Did you feel intimidated by the fellow schools you were competing against?

“Yes, for some of the schools there, because they are nationally ranked teams. We have not really competed against these teams at all this season.”

Would you visit MIT again if given the opportunity?

“I would visit MIT again but at a different time in the year.”

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