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Science Olympiad triumphs and advances to state

Photo provided by Jenibelle Hsu

 Science Olympiad prevailed at the Los Angeles County Regionals Tournament at Rio Hondo college on  Mar. 3.

 The team placed in 16 out of 23 events, such as a first place in Rocks and Minerals, second place in Forensics, third place in Game On and fourth place in Disease Detectives. Overall, the team placed second out of 40 teams, qualifying for the state tournament for the second year in a row.  

  According to Captain junior Katie Kyan, the team’s win elevated its expectations for future competitions.

 “Last year, we were an unknown team [advancing to] state, but we are now becoming a team that people look out for as competitors,” Kyan said. “We know that we are capable of [placing] at state, so we will be working harder to [reach our goal],” Kyan said.

 During the competition, students took tests and performed experiments under a time restraint for study or laboratory events and tested their devices for construction events. Students with the highest test score earned first place for their individual events. The lowest overall score, which tallied up each individual ranking, determined the first place team.

 Vice Captain senior Joshua Leung attributes the team’s success to each member’s diligence and commitment.

 “The team is not going to work if one person does not put in the [hours], because individual points count toward the team score,” Leung said. “We [met] most of of our expectations, [but fell short for] a few events.”

 Science Olympiad coach Jung Han aims to reach the goal at the state tournament by concentrating on the team effort.

 “We cannot be scared by the competition, and we need to build ourselves up as individuals and as a team [in order] to get to the goal of top six at state,” Han said.

 Science Olympiad will compete at the  Southern California State Tournament at Caltech on April 7.

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