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School is a privilege that should not be taken for granted

Priviledge (Samantha Parra)

 A typical high school classroom is divided into two groups: the kids who are paying attention, and the ones who are not engaged in the lesson. It is easy to tell them apart—the students not paying attention are usually on their phones, socializing, or even worse, popping Xanax pills.

 Although many students do attend school and are present in classes, that is about the most they do, simply because they believe the material being taught is uninteresting. This is detrimental, because students are unable to receive an education that is needed for this society, and they miss out on the opportunities that are presented to them.

 In the United States, education is required and provided for every child in the United States. We take this privilege for granted and leisurely complain about the hardships that school causes that not everyone able has access to.

 Students should take advantage of the benefits that come from school, because it presents education, opportunities  and growth.

  To start off, school provides the fundamental education needed for students to become active individuals in society. Because of all the subjects that students take, school teaches important organization skills and time management for homework. They learn to prioritize what is important and make sure to get things done before a deadline.

 Furthermore, schools provide education in a different aspect. Because of school, kids learn how to socialize with their peers. They learn to share, build relationships,  and consider others’ feelings. This is important because adults need to be able to keep steady relationships with people in their lives, such as their boss, significant other and family. Also, education promotes multicultural awareness from other ethnicities, and students get ot learn about different cultures.

 Despite these beneficial variables, schools present opportunities that many disregard. For example, high school propels students toward higher education. Continuing education is crucial because many job opportunities require individuals to have some sort of college degree, so without one, it would be difficult to gain financial support.  

 All these opportunities and choices are all stemmed from one thing, which is a good education. Although it is hard work and may be tiresome, in the long run, school gives us so many choices and chances that we are simply oblivious to.

 Take a developed country for instance. Documentaries perfectly capture their need for a better life that results from the access to education, but they simply do not have the resources to attend school and learn.

 Then, we see individuals in the United States that would prefer to stay at home and invest their time in interests such as video games or social media. These interests are not necessarily useless, but when one has an abundance of resources and information right at their fingertips, it would be imprudent to not use and learn from it.

 Since it is a mandatory law for every child to attend school, might as well take advantage of the situation and gain some knowledge during the time that school is in session.

 The purpose of school is to teach us so that we are able to support ourselves when we become adults. However, if students are not paying attention and consistently spend their time doing activities they enjoy more, they cannot absorb details that may be critical in the future.

  If school is looked at day by day, there is no immediate gain of knowledge for students. However, over the years, individuals are slowly able to understand and grasp the importance of the small lessons that were once deemed unimportant.

 So, if there is a mindset that “This class is English, so I am not going to pay attention nor care,” or “Math is hard anyway, so I’m never gonna get it,” then one will never see the benefits of just listening and paying attention in class. Students with this mindset should adjust their attitude and attempt to learn some material at school, because it may benefit them  in the future.

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