Say Hello To Max Padilla And Ellie Hung, Our Homecoming King And Queen

Ellie Hung (12)

What were your initial thoughts about being voted for homecoming court?

“I was in instant shock. These kinds of things were never my thing growing up, so the nomination to be on the court was something I never expected.”

What was it like when you heard your name announced as the homecoming queen?

“My jaw instantly dropped and everything became a blur. At that moment Dr. Kenfield had crowned me and I was ambushed for pictures for the rest of the night, but it was a pretty exhilarating experience to say the least.”

Describe the entire homecoming queen process in one word


Was it nerve-racking to be in front of that many people at the homecoming game?

“Not at all. The crowd had great energy, and I was thrilled to have my friends and family there at the game to support me and share the moment with me.”

What did you learn from being the homecoming queen?

“I learned that you do not have to campaign to win. I did not campaign, and I am still quite surprised that I won.”

How was it to be nominated amongst such powerful women, one of them also being yourself?

 “It was a great pleasure. All of the accomplished women on the court were all encouraging and empowering throughout the entire process.”

Heels or sneakers?

“Heels of course! Although I did wear sneakers for the homecoming rally and crowning.”

What was the best part about homecoming this year?

“All of the events leading up to it. Personally, for me, the rally and the homecoming game was much more fun than the homecoming dance itself.”

What would you like to tell the students and teachers who voted for you?

“It is an honor to be voted as homecoming queen, and it means a lot that I received your vote. Thank you.”

Do you have any advice for the lower-classmen here at Wilson?

“Doing something you are passionate about means that you are doing something where you feel fulfilled even when you have no expectations for anything in return. Find that passion and pursue it.”

What has been your favorite memory of high school so far?

“Laughing at Mr. Pham’s jokes in class.”

How has high school and the relationships that come with it shaped you as a person today?

“I have definitely developed into an open book throughout high school, and that has allowed me to create more relationships that are genuine. The variety of friends that I have made over these past couple of years has made me more compassionate, receptive, and sympathetic.”

What is something that you will always stand by?

“Doing things with integrity.”

What do you plan to do after high school?
“I will hopefully attend a private college where I intend to major in Public Policy. With my degree, I plan on pursuing a career at a consulting firm where I can hopefully work up to being a Partner Principal.”

What is something that not a lot of people know about you?

“One of my favorite things to do is test drive cars. My favorite car so far is the Volvo XC60 T8 Polestar.”

Max Padilla (12)

How do you feel about being homecoming king?

“I feel grateful and a little surprised.”

How is it to be crowned alongside homecoming queen, Ellie Hung?

“In a sense, I feel honored because I know Ellie is someone who is hardworking and involved. She is very deserving of the crown.”

How was the homecoming king process?

“It was stressful but I was glad to have so many people helping me throughout the whole process.”

Who is your biggest inspiration?

“The person I thought of the most during homecoming week was my grandpa because he always treats people with respect and does not complain. He also found ways to not rub anyone the wrong way throughout his life. All these things I try to embody every day.”

What is the most memorable moment in your life so far?

“My middle school trip to Catalina Island was the most fun I have ever had in such a short period of time.”

What is your favorite high school memory as of now?

“As of now, either traveling with our school basketball team or the entire homecoming week I just went through.”

What do you plan on pursuing after high school?

“I plan on pursuing a career as a television studio host for a basketball sports company.”

In your four years here at Wilson, what has been a common theme that has continued to make homecoming unforgettable?

“A common theme I have seen across all 3 homecomings I have been able to attend is community. The whole night is filled with people complimenting each other’s outfits, taking pictures together, or dancing together. The dance provides a space for everyone to have fun and not be alone.”

What are some of the relationships you’ve acquired in high school that you are thankful for?

“All of the relationships I have built up with friends are ones that I hope will last longer than high school and relationships with teachers who have given me advice that is not just academic but that I can use for life in the real world.”

Describe the role of  being homecoming king in one word


What was your favorite part about homecoming?

“Afters’ ice cream was so good, especially because it was hot in the gym.”

What would you say to your freshman self if they were standing right in front of you?

“Try as many things as you possibly can. Do not leave high school with any ‘what ifs’.”

What is a piece of advice that has stuck with you throughout high school?

Learn to be grateful for even the smallest things.”

What song would you say best fits you?

“This is a hard question but it is definitely, Where the flower blooms by Tyler The Creator.”

What do you mainly look forward to in your senior year?

“All of the senior exclusive events like beach day, senior sunrise, grad night and senior night for basketball.”

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