Sadies vs. Winter Formal: The Debate


  Winter Formal was robbed.

  Though Sadies might not have been a priority for apparently many, it was disappointing to find out that it had actually been cancelled. 

  The annual Sadies Hawkins Dance, set to occur on Saturday, Feb. 22, was hyped by many of the Associated Student Body (ASB) members and students alike. The theme of this year’s dance was Grease, also known as the 1950s. However, due to low ticket sales, the dance was ultimately cancelled. 

  This begs the question as to why. Why were there low ticket sales? 

  Last semester, ASB created a poll having students vote for either Winter Formal or Sadies for this year’s winter dance. Being as it may, Sadies subsequently won, beating out Winter Formal.

  To put in perspective, it was mentioned that if the student body had chosen Winter Formal, the dance would ultimately be at an outside venue, which means prices would be more expensive. As this is understandable, many students were willing to pay the extra money in order to have a more extravagant dance. 

  Going back to Sadies, this now poses the question as to why. If the student body wanted a Sadies over Winter Formal, then why didn’t they buy their tickets?

  As hypocritical as this may seem, we can all agree that both Sadies and Winter Formal deserved a chance. Many students look forward to more events at school, and by cancelling a signature dance, this only leaves room for sheer disappointment.

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