RWMA Seniors Were Shown Great Appreciation With An Amazing Senior Night!

Aleli Garcia (12)

What was the most memorable moment of the senior night for you personally?

“The most memorable moment of my senior night was getting the flowers put on my uniform, as well as, walking down the football field with my sister and just seeing my section’s faces light up as I walked down.”

Did the night feel nostalgic for you at all?

“Yes it did. Last year I watched the seniors in my section walk down with their loved ones and it made me realize how fast time goes by. It was such a bittersweet moment knowing that it was my senior year.”

How long have you been in RWMA and how have you improved since then?

“I have been in the RWMA for four years, in other words since my freshman year. I will say that I have improved immensely. I have improved in my musicianship, my marching, and my self confidence. Given the fact that my freshman year was over, I never learned how to properly march and now I am teaching others how to march and do basic marching fundamentals. I have improved in my musicianship by developing proper technique and being consistent about following the conductor. Lastly, I have improved in my self confidence, as the years passed by I learned how to get out of my comfort zone and learn how to be okay with mistakes. Once I did that I got better at both my marching and musicianship!” 

What is the most exciting part of band?

“Personally, the most exciting part ofband would have to be the competition days. I really enjoyed the bus rides and the award ceremonies. It is always exciting to hear what we placed and cheer for ourselves as well as other schools!”

What is a lesson that you will take away from band into life after highschool?

“A lesson I will take fromband into my life would be to never take it easy. My band director, Mr. Torres always said to never take it easy and that nothing in life will be easy but we have to overcome adversity. This always made me realize that nothing in life will be easy and if you get comfortable with taking it easy then encountering difficult times in life will be very hard.”

Do you see yourself playing your instrument in the future?

“In the future, I still see myself playing the saxophone. Although it will not be something I would like to major in, I still want to keep playing as a hobby.”

As a senior, what will you miss most from your experience in the RWMA program?

As a senior and as saxophone section leader, I will miss my section and my band director. My section taught me what patience really is and what it is like to grow such great bonds with others. My section will always have a special place in my heart. As for Mr. Torres, he always gave me the motivation to continue to strive and play my saxophone. I will miss knowing that he believed in everything that I did.”

Monica Vargas (12)

Who did you enjoy seeing most at your senior night?

“I loved seeing my senior band friends that have been by my side. I have been waiting for that moment for so long and I never thought about it until then.”

Is there anyone you would like to personally thank for your progress in the program?

“My friends in band are the only reason why I wanted to stay for all four years. They are the greatest people I have ever met and hopefully we will stay together until the end.”

What is your favorite memory from the program over the years?

“There is too many to count. I loved the times I spent with my fellow clarinets and just having fun in general.”

What is something about the program that most people do not know about?

“It is a lot of commitment and hard work. You lose your Saturdays for a couple of months. It is a life lesson for time management.”

What section do you personally think is the best of RWMA?

“I am biased so it has to be the clarinets. I feel like that section has always acted like we are a family. We spend lots of time together and I enjoy every minute.”

Describe your experience in RWMA in one word. Elaborate 

“Rewarding. At times it is very stressful but the whole experience has taught me a lot.”

Sophia Calderon (12)

How long have you been playing your instrument and how have you improved over the years?

“I have only started playing the tenor drums this year but for the last two years I have been on bass drum and I feel like compared to the last couple years especially when I started online I have improved a lot.”

What is a piece of advice you would give to incoming freshmen who want to join RWMA?

“I would say to always ask for help even if you are scared or embarrassed because your leaders have been through that before and are there to help you.”

Who inspires you the most and why?

“Someone who inspired me a lot was my brother because he was the main person who pushed me into doing band and always encouraged and helped me to get me out of my comfort zone.”

Was the night exciting for you?

“Yes [the night] was very exciting because I was able to walk down with my parents and give thanks to the people who have helped me.”

What will you miss the most when you leave the program?

 I think I am going to miss winterline the most because it is the time when you get to know people the most and it is really fun because we get to see the other people who play our certain instruments [up close].”

As it is an all year round sport, what do you look forward to the most?

I look forward to the concert season the most because the music is fun to learn and that’s also when winterline starts.”

Leilani Chacon (12)

What is something that stuck out to you most at senior night?

“What stuck out to me the most at senior night was the love and support I received from my family and friends.

They really made my night!”

Describe your RWMA experience over the years in 3 words. Elaborate 

“Fun, busy and competitive. My experience with RWMA over the years has been fun because of all the fun memories and friends I made in the program. Busy because of the weekly rehearsal and competitions.

Competitive because there’s many great marching bands that compete against us.”

What is an instrument you would have seen yourself playing if you were not playing the one you play now?

“I would have played snare or tenor in percussion because I always wanted to learn how to play those instruments and they sound pretty cool.”

What is something that most people don’t know about RWMA?

“Some things that most people do not know about the

WMA is how much dedication and commitment it takes to be in it. For example, most of our rehearsals/practices are 3 hrs Saturday and 7 hrs in which we dedicate our time reviewing and refining the field show.”

What are you looking forward to after highschool?

“I am looking forward to attending a 4 year university where I will major in Criminal Justice and minor in Spanish language. I am also looking forward to traveling to different countries when

I can.”

Gabrielle Hsieh (12)

How was senior night for you overall? 

“It was pretty fun because I got to bring my family onto the field and walk down the 50 yard line with me.”

What has been your most fond memory of the program over the years?

“I love sectionals and night rehearsals so much. I always have more fun during those times.”

What has being in RWMA helped you with during your four years of high school?

“[Being in RWMA has] allowed me to learn more about teamwork and leadership and I built many good friendships within band.”

What were your emotions like on the day of senior night?

“I had mixed emotions about how I was feeling on Senior Night. I started crying when I got the Senior Flower because when I got back to my section, they looked sad which made me feel really sad about leaving. Also, [I was] thinking about how I am going to leave the people that have been with me from elementary or middle school [since] we will not be able to see each other often anymore after high school. But at the same time, I was happy because I was closer to leaving high school.”

How do you feel about graduating and leaving the program?

“Sad. I just feel sad about leaving this program. I feel happy leaving high school, but leaving this program, I am just sad. The RWMA program is literally just a second home for me and the people are my second family. It is just Mr. Torres being a single parent raising 100-plus kids. I really do not want to leave this program and the people in it. Thinking about it just makes me tear up. I feel like I have not been in this program long enough and I have not been with the people in the program long enough either.”

Rene Pico (12)

As a senior, how does it feel to be leaving the program?

“As a senior, I am blessed to have been a part of the program and I sometimes get sentimental knowing I am in my last weeks of being part of the program.”

What is something you enjoy most about RWMA?

The thing I enjoy most is being the leader of all my fellow peers, both on the field and in person. I love making connections with new people and being involved in what makes people happy.”

What is something people don’t get a lot of credit for while being in band?

“Something people don’t get a lot of credit for in band is the amount of effort needed to put into the program. I think it is important to acknowledge us as a legit group as it is actually more work than people think.”

Was it ever challenging for you to maintain good grades in school while having to practice for competitions?

“I never make excuses about my time in band as it is something that is controllable. It is up to me to make time and study for my classes and be efficient as well in the process.”

Where is one place you would like to visit after high school?

“I would like to visit the RWMA again after I leave and see what has been left by the upperclassmen and how they have changed.”


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