RWMA Invites Schools to Annual Golden State Field Classic


 The Royal Wilson Marching Alliance (RWMA) hosted its 30th Annual Golden State Field Classic (GSFC) on Saturday, Oct. 27

 This year, twelve schools attended GSFC, the field show competition held by RWMA. Competitors received judges’ feedback in different categories, such as technique, musicianship and visuals. As the host, RWMA could not earn awards, but it scored a total of 70.50 points for its exhibition.

 According to band director Rich Torres, the limited preparation time challenged his first year of hosting the field show competition.

 “We did not have much time to prepare,” Torres said. “I only had five or six months to [plan the entire competition], and [doing] so was a bit of a challenge.”

 Furthermore, drum major senior Adi Mendez notes how RWMA can improve its future performances.

 “The band did well, but we [need] to improve our show by [focusing on] the drill and music,” Mendez said.

 In addition, alto saxophone player sophomore Sebastian Graciano reflects on his experience of working at GSFC for the first time.

 “Working at a competition is situational, since every job determines how much work you have to do [throughout the day],” Graciano said. “Most of the time, I was [assisting] the [competition attendees].”

 RWMA will be competing at the West Covina High School Field Tournament on Tuesday, Nov. 6.


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