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“Rush” to know more clubs!


FBLA – Ying Yang (12)

(Future Business Leaders of America)

What is the purpose of FBLA?

“Our mission is to bring business and education together in a positive working relationship through innovative career programs. Our members participate in competitions, networking events and community service projects.”

How is FBLA beneficial for students?

“Joining this club is beneficial because students are able familiarize themselves with their prospective careers in the business world.”

What types of people are you guys trying to attract?

“We are hoping to attract people that are interested in having careers that involve business, graphic design, computer science and medicine.”

When and where is the first meeting?

“This Friday, Sept. 9 in Ms. Rouw’s room, B-9. However, we usually meet on Thursdays; this week will be an exception.”


Team Up for St. Jude – Victoria Kuang (12)

What is the purpose of Team Up for St. Jude?

“The purpose of Team Up for St. Jude is to spread childhood cancer awareness and raise funds for the St. Jude hospitals.”

What types of students would you like to attract?

“We want to attract students who are dedicated to community services and passionate in helping others.”

What are some major events of this club that happen during the year?

“This year, we will be volunteering in many walks, including St. Jude Walk/Run and LA Marathon. We will also host our St. Jude spirit week next semester.”

When and where is the first meeting?

“The first meeting is on Sept. 15 in Ms. Johnson’s room D-19.”


Key Club – Joshua Tong (12)

What is the importance of Key Club?

“Key Club is a student-led organization that teaches leadership skills through services to others.”

What do you think is the most attractive and beneficial feature of Key Club?

“One of the core values of Key Club is inclusiveness. We always try to include everyone in everything. Since everyone is involved, they can make new friends. [Overall], we are just one big family.”

What are some major events that Key Club participates in?

“We always have a Fall Rally at Six Flags and Pediatric Trauma Program fundraiser.”

When and where is the first meeting?

“The first meeting is on Sept. 12 in the Media Center at lunch.”


Interact – Amy Tong (12)

What is Interact Club?

“We are a service club that does community service on campus, off-campus and internationally.”

How is this club beneficial for new and returning members?

“This club allows all of the members to grow closer with each other by making stronger bonds with each other because of the connections they build during meetings and events.”

What is the aim of doing community service in Interact Club?

“We enact on our motto ‘service above self’ which reaches out to help those in need. Through our community service experiences, we see many situations from different perspectives. We also work collaboratively to find ways to give back to the community.”

When and where is the first meeting?

“Our first meeting is on Sept. 1 in Mrs. Young’s room D-11.”


Copy of Jodee

KIWIN’S – Jodee Lee (12)

What sets you apart from the other community service-oriented clubs on campus?

“We, as an organization, are very spirited, passionate and close-knit.”

What is the purpose of KIWIN’S?

“We promote community service, build our leadership skills and improve our [neighborhood], all while having fun.”

What is the meaning behind the “How do you feel” chant?

“It shows our enthusiasm for community service and KIWIN’S.”

When and where is the first meeting?

“The first meeting is next Wednesday, Sept. 13 in Mr. Craft’s room, C-1.”

Copy of Alvin

Campus Light – Alvin Chan (12)

What is the purpose of Campus Light?

“Our purpose is to spread the love of Jesus and tells others about [our] experiences with God.”

What events do you hold throughout the year for your members?

“We hold worship events, such as See You at the Pole. We also have opportunities to explore Christianity in depth.”

What does Campus Light have that other clubs do not?

“We are the only Christian club on campus, and we can freely express our religious views and practices.”

When and where is the first meeting?

“Our first meeting is on Thursday, Sept. 21 in D-14.”

Copy of 0001

TILE – Victor Ye (10)

(Talks on Innovation, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship)

What is the purpose of TILE?

“TILE aims to create live experiences more accessible to everyone in the three core areas: innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship. We will host monthly talk sessions where CEOs and other prominent entrepreneurs who are willing to share their insight and successful background for free.”

What was your motivation for starting this club?

“I want students to be able to experience [events] where they can learn how other people became successful, so they may also succeed in the future.”

What sort of students do you try to attract?

“We hope to attract students who want to learn more about leadership and public speaking.”

When and where is the first meeting?

“Our first meeting is on Tuesday, Sept. 12 in Mrs. Lopez’s office.”

Copy of 0002

Korean Cultural Club – Yena Cho (12)

What is the purpose of Korean Cultural Club?

“The goal is to share and expose Korean culture to more people.”

Can only Koreans join this club?

“No, anyone who is interested in Korean culture may join, including fans of Korean pop music, dramas or food.”

What plans do you have for this club?

“My cabinet members and I plan to teach our club members about Korean holidays, traditions and possibly drums.”

When and where is the first meeting?

The first meeting is on Monday, Sept. 25 in Mrs. Shin’s room B-6B.”

Copy of JustinaandStanley

Salvation Army – Justina and Stanley Chen (11)

What is this club’s purpose?

“Our purpose is to help the underprivileged people, including homeless people, single mothers, children and infants.”

What was your motivation for starting this club?

“Two summers ago, we volunteered at Salvation Army. We realized how privileged we were compared to less fortunate people, so we wanted to show our gratitude by giving back to the community.”

What sort of events will you host throughout the year?

“We will be hosting the November Kettle Campaign, which is a way to raise money internationally. We will also have toy and food drives and a Christmas Angel event, where we raise money for underprivileged families to buy them gifts.”

When and where is the first meeting?

“The first meeting is on Wednesday, Sept. 13 in Mr. Chang’s room D-16.”


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