Royal Wilson Marching Alliance takes part in pre-festival

Hip hip, hooray! Three cheers for the Royal Wilson Marching Alliance!

On Mar. 12, the Royal Wilson Marching Alliance (RWMA) took part in a drumline and Colorguard competition in colony high school and Monrovia, competing against 14 other drumline teams and placing ninth place overall from their recent competition. 

Cienna Keowns, a junior snare player who has been in RWMA for two years, says that they could’ve performed a lot better if they had coordinated and communicated with each other better.

“We are not at our full potential just yet,” Keowns said. “A few problems while competing include us not being on time with one another. Sometimes we are either slow or rushing over tempo. Another thing is that we break from the front ensemble a lot, but we recover quickly.”

However, she said that the next time they compete, she feels like they would be better, having gained more experience.

“For the next competition, I think everyone will be a little more locked in, and we just finished our final movement for the show, so hopefully that gives us more points,” Keowns clarified.

Overall, they still did a good job on placing, even if they weren’t at their best when they were competing. We are all proud of our RWMA team and can’t wait to see them in their next big competition for their show!

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