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Robotics secures consecutive victories


 The Robotics team recently competed in a League Game at South Point Middle School and a NorCal Qualifier tournament at Sacramento Adventist Academy on Jan. 13 and 14, respectively.

 The team placed first out of sixteen teams at both competitions. Furthermore, at the second competition, judges nominated the team for all judged awards. In addition,  the team received the Inspire Award,  because of overall strong performance on both the autonomous and controlled sections.

 According to coach Jung Han, the competition served as a way for teams to showcase how they have affected their communities.

 “We tried to display our outreach into the community through the use of STEM. [At the competition], [we] showed how we helped the kids in our district [with] their lego robots,” Han said.

 Member Junior Alex Arteaga states that while both competitions made the team anxious, they pulled through nevertheless.

 “[Our] first competition was not [as] relaxed, [because] we were in a new environment, and our robots kept disconnecting during the matches,” Arteaga says. “Everyone was much more [nervous] at the second competition, because it was our first full-fledged robotic competition.”

 Sophomore member Belinda Wang believes that the bond between members allowed the team to succeed.

 “One vital asset that got us to first place was our trust [in] each other,” Wang said. “[This] allowed us to become more dedicated and diligent, and we worked harder.”

 The Robotics team is advancing to the NorCal Regional  Championships on Feb. 17.

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