Robotics hosts STEM Fair to educate students


  Robotics hosted a science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and Robotics Fair on Feb. 15. 

  The event invited the public to gain more knowledge about the Robotics and STEM field. Representatives including the University of Southern California Stem ambassador came out to share the information they know about the science field. Additionally, the public also had the opportunity to receive the experience of interactive events such as a LinkedIn workshop with the Microsoft company from 9 am to 1 pm.   

  According to president senior Jessica Lam, the number of people interested in STEM and Robotics exceeded her expectations.

  “Since this is our first year hosting the event, we did not expect many people to attend,” Lam said. “[However], there was actually a large crowd and it represented how many people are interested in STEM and Robotics, whether they are in middle school or all the way up to college.”

  As stated by sophomore member Benjamin Xie, Robotics encountered some problems but adjusted by finding a resourceful solution.

  “We had to change some members’ roles to guide people to the media center,” Xie said. “But overall, it was delightful to meet people from different companies and interact with other Robotics teams.”

  Furthermore, freshman member Ashley Ie provided suggestions for improving next year’s fair.

  “I believe that the guest speakers should have been put closer to the front because they have to walk from point to point in a short amount of time,” Ie said. “I felt happy because we got to promote more about STEM and Robotics and enjoyed getting to see the look of joy on people’s faces.”

  Robotics will compete in their Regional competition on Saturday, Mar. 7.


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