ROAR Rally Recognizes Constructive Student Behavior


 Administration hosted its first ever Respect, Ownership, Adaptability and Resilience (ROAR) rally to provide incentives for positive student behavior on Oct. 3.

 At the rally, administration  recognized Honor Roll students from the first six weeks of the school year and conducted a raffle using tickets students earned by displaying ROAR values. The event also featured the Royal Wilson Marching Alliance drumline.

 According to principal Danielle Kenfield, the rally gave students motivation by acknowledging their efforts.

 “This is a way of thanking the students for their hard work as well as providing motivation for them to keep up the good work,” Kenfield said.  

 The rally followed a ROAR meeting where students received their Attendance Behavior Credits, data culminated from the start of the school year, and developed goals for the future grading period.   

  Regarding its establishment, the ROAR program began due to a general decrease in spirit among students over the past years.

 “I have been hearing from my advisory council and different leadership organizations that [Wilson] has been losing our sense of community. With the ROAR program, I hope to instill pride and allow students to support each other to achieve their goals,” Kenfield said.

 Furthermore, ROAR leader junior Pearl Fang believes that both the program and rally allow for positive interactions between students.   

  “Being a ROAR leader opens up new opportunities, because you get to interact with people you do not usually talk to,” Fang said. “Rallies in general get people excited and bring a sense of comradery, which is why having a ROAR rally [benefits the school].”

 After watching the rally, freshman Monze Lerma hopes for future improvements in its structure.

 “Not everyone received a raffle ticket when they [displayed exemplary behavior], so the drawing was slightly unfair,” Lerma said. “Also, the organization of the rally was not great, because [administration] only called some of the students who qualified for the Honor Roll award.”

 The next ROAR meeting will be on Oct. 17.


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